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Boris Johnson - Spear Bearing and Primary Directions 

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

This is a small post to quickly share what I found in the current UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson's chart (sidereal) [Egyptian Bounds]. Unfortunately, the android version of astrogold, doesn't have the option to display the terms and bounds in the wheel. Please follow this link to know the bound ruler of a planet in a specific degree.(

Examples of spear bearing are not easy to find. Boris Johnson (sidereal zodiac) has Saturn in Aquarius guarding the Sun in Taurus. By diurnal motion Saturn will rise before the Sun. The 2nd type of spear bearing listed by Hephaestion of Thebes says that if a light is placed in one of the pivot points in the nativity (Sun in the 10H in the same sign as the MC), should be posited in the place that is not of its sect. Then, a planet of the sect should cast its rays to mitigate the light's position of being posited in a sign out of sect. Hephaestion also goes on to say that triangular spear bearers are more powerful than the square or diametrical or hexagonal. (Pg# 35, Hephaistio of Thebes, Apotelesmatics - Book I, translated by Robery Schmidt, published by the golden hind press).

Interestingly, in the directed chart, MC is in the bound of Saturn and Sun is placed in the 10H of the natal chart which is a pretty powerful position to assume a higher position in the government. It is easy to conclude that the Saturn's guard over the Sun during the ruling period Saturn has handed Boris Johnson the prize of becoming the PM of the UK.

However, there is also trouble that comes along as Mars in Taurus in the 9H is applying to a tight square with Saturn in Aquarius (natal chart). Both these planets are natural malefics. However, Mars is an out of sect malefic which can be destructive. Moreover, Mars also rules the 3H and the 8H. A period that is influenced by the ruler of the 8H doesn't pass without trouble. In the directed chart, AC in the bound of Mars (Libra) which is yet another indicator of trouble. Supreme court's ruling in calling Boris Johnson's plea to suspend parliament was as unlawful is just one example of his growing enemies and non-admirers. With Mars (AC) and Saturn (MC) at the helm, I wouldn't be surprised to see Boris Johnson out of office before the tenure actually ends!

Thanks to Eduardo Gramaglia for confirming my understanding of this triangular spear bearing.

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