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Nativity of Emperor Hadrian

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

As a fortunate subscriber of Levente Laszlo’s translation of ancient and medieval astrological texts, I had an opportunity to study his translation of the works of astrologer and physician Antigonus of Nicaea which was probably done after the year 138 CE according to Laslo. It appears like most of these works are lost but apparently, Rhetorius of Egypt refers to the works of Antigonus of Nicaea in his works and hence, we have a few charts that survive which are part of Laslo’s translation of Antigonus’ works. One of the nativities that Laszlo translates is that of Roman Emperor Hadrian’s who was born on 24 January 76 CE. We don't know the time of the birth but the translation says that the Ascendant was at the 1st degree of the water-pourer (Aquarius). See the below passage.

Levente Laslo’s translation:

“Someone was born who had his Helios at the 8th degree of the Water-Pourer, his Selene, Zeus, and Hour-Marker – these three together – on the first degree of the same sign (the Water-Pourer), his Kronos at the 5th[1] degree of the Goat-Horned One, his Hermes with him (Kronos) at the 12th degree, his Aphrodite at the 12th degree of the Fishes, his Ares with her at the 22nd degree, and his Midheaven at the 22nd degree of the Scorpion.”

Nativity of Emperor Hadrian - The Sasanian Ayanamsa

During this time, there was not much difference due to the precession of the equinoxes and hence, we can’t be sure if the charts were cast using the sidereal zodiac. However, I tend to think that the earlier astrologers used some form of sidereal zodiac because of their inheritance from the Babylonian tradition. Medieval astrologers also seem to have used the sidereal zodiac for various purposes. This anyway is a debatable and a controversial topic as we all are products of our own bias. The chart is not absolutely accurate to the placements mentioned in the translation, but we get reasonably acceptable planetary positions while we play around with the Ayanamsas. I have used the Sassanian to draw the chart of Emperor Hadrian where I have fixed the Ascendant at the 1° of Aquarius and Midheaven at 22° of Scorpio. Astrologer Anthony Louis has written an article talking about the usage of the sidereal zodiac in the Hellenistic tradition. The translation explicitly mentions the conjunction of the Ascendant, Jupiter, and the luminaries. It also mentions that Saturn at 5° of Capricorn, Venus at 12° Pisces with Mars at 22° Pisces. The Ascendant, Jupiter and the Moon are said to be placed in the 1st degree of Aquarius. As per the Sasanian Ayanamsa, we have little variations in the placements of Saturn, the Moon and Jupiter. However, Venus is placed in the 20th degree while the translation mentions 12th degree. Mars is placed in 26th degree while the translation mentions 22nd degree.

Sect Light: The Moon Triplicity Rulers: Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter If we consider 30 years for each triplicity ruler, Hadrian entered Jupiter while we passed away at the age of 62. Jupiter is placed in the 1st house and Jupiter rules the 2nd and the 11th house. The Sun ruling the 7th house of maraka is placed in the 1st house. The Moon ruling the 6th house of diseases is placed in the 1st house. Jupiter is also a maraka because it rules the 2nd house (12th from the 3rd which is an alternate house of longevity). With Jupiter in the 1st house with no support from the dispositor and sect-mate Saturn. Although Jupiter has a spear-bearer in the Sun, we should note that the Sun is a planet that is potentially a killer and the Sun will only facilitate the major action that it is authorised to do. Profections: Aries-Mars With the profected Ascendant in Aries, Mars became the ruler of the year. Mars is the ruler of the alternate house of longevity (3rd) and it is placed in the 2nd house of Pisces with support from sect-mate, Venus in an exalted position. However, 2nd is the 12th from the 3rd and hence, Mars in the 2nd with its activation indicates the end of longevity (death). Mars squaring the nodes is an important point to notice and it is not very auspicious. Primary Directions - MC In using the simple method of primary directions by letting the MC walk around the zodiac, we need to find out the directed time. In order to do that, we need to multiply the age by 4 (62*4) which is 248. If we add 248 minutes to the birth time, we will have the directed time at 10:58 AM and this will put the MC in the Martian bound of Capricorn.

Mars, as we already discussed, rules the 3rd house of longevity and is placed in the 2nd house which is Maraka. We shouldn't fail to notice that the MC is applying to a conjunction to the natal Saturn in Capricorn which is the 12th house endings. Chakra Dasa - Leo - The Sun By Chakra Dasa, Leo will be active from 61 years to 70 years. The Sun, ruling the 1st house, a primary killer planet for Aquarius rising, is placed in the 1st house itself, symbolically indicating the Marana of the native itself. The Sun is placed with the Moon (body) and Jupiter (Jeeva) - ends!

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