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The American Election Fever - 2020 - I

Updated: Jul 4

Kamala Harris – Biden’s Running Mate

The pandemic has swept off America like nothing before and is compared to the global economic depression of the 1929-32. Although most of the stocks have regained their legs over the past three months, we never know if this is the actual projection of the American markets in the global context because America is still facing a huge rate of unemployment which is at 11.1%. There is a more aggravated perennial racism issue that makes us feel like we are still living in the 18th and the 19th century. We never are sure about the demand supply ratio, but the virus cases are surging and US, without any choice is also trying their hands at elections.

Finally, we have an AA rated candidate running for some office in the White House and the credit should go to Joe Biden for selecting her for at least astrologers would have the birth details to work with.

I was just curious to look at Kamala Harris’ chart only regarding this one year surrounding the period what promises to be one of the chaotic elections in the history of the world and not just America. Harris would have just started her 9th house profection year and things with Saturn being the Lord of the year. Saturn is placed in the 9th house of Aquarius and is well dignified. The only glitch we can think of here is Saturn is not in favour of sect. 9th house is the house of representation of a group, community or a nation. Saturn, a planet indicating public service, being the Lord of the year, will eventually put the native in-charge of the position.

By distributions, Harris’ Ascendant has been in the bounds of Jupiter and it stays with Jupiter until mid-2023. This is a favourable period as she is running for VP. Jupiter, the time lord by distributions is placed in the 12th house and Jupiter rules the 7th and the 10th house. While there might be issues in personal life, Jupiter’s position in the 12th house establishes the fact that she might more actively participate in the public life as the 12th house indicates public life. Jupiter – Saturn whole sign square indicates challenges and criticisms at various level but that is part of any profession and White House is not just another profession and we have to expect more challenges.

In the Solar Revolutions, she has the same rising (Virgo) as the nativity and this establishes that there is something happening which indicates herself and puts herself in the thick of the things. Ruler of the year, Saturn is placed in the 5th house of Capricorn, well dignified. So, there is probably no question of Harris losing the vice-presidential race. However, Aquarius becomes the 6th house in the solar revolutions and hence it indicates, enmity and diseases. Ruler, Saturn is placed in the 5th house in the bounds of Mercury and Mercury squares Saturn in the solar revolutions in Libra which might indicate some respiratory illness. Ruler of Libra, Venus is in the 12th house of hospitalization and hence, health issues might creep at some point of time after the victory lap.

Distributor Jupiter is comfortably placed in the 4th house along with the Moon and aspects the 10th house including the MC which further indicates that there is less to no hurdles for Kamala Harris to sit in the VP’s chair of the White House. SR AC is in aspect with the Mars in the 7th house and her statements and policy opinions might invite a huge amount of criticism. Having said, her work towards the betterment of the society in America for the well-being of the black people is promising. But every president in America has only ever said that. Another Barack Obama might not be in the cards, but we can just hope for one.

According to the solar revolutions, fixed sign become a major focus as the Aquarius is the sign of the year. Taurus, Leo and Scorpio become crucial in fulfilling the promise of the year. Just before election, Harris’ SR AC gets into a square with Jupiter. Jupiter is in the 12th house of public service. Square with Jupiter is not really a hard aspect and I look at this positively in terms of being a pivot for the native to take over the reign.

Since she takes over, the problem is the fallen Mars in the 2nd house which would let her make some controversial statements due to the lose stocks which might eventually disrupt the free-flowing tenure of her. We hope that the Mars – The Moon mutual exchange saves the cause, but looking at some videos, she has been impulsive quite a few times. We might have to watch out for Feb 2021 when her SR AC squares Mars.

While looking at Vimsottari Dasa, it appears as if she might go through some identity crisis during this period as she will live through Rahu dasa, Mercury Bhukti and Ketu Antra during the elections. She needs to be weary about what her opponents might turn against her. Ketu in the 7th house might not bring out a lot of trouble but Rahu in the 1st house could eventually derail the reputation of the native. It is always to maintain a balance when it comes to the Nodes of the Moon.

We have to wait what else unfolds!

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