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Saudi Arabia 2023-24

Saudi Arabia has always been a very important nation and we cannot forget them while trying to study and analyze geopolitics. While they have always been a major ally of the US as far as we all can remember, things have dramatically changed since the Russia-Ukraine war. Saudi and other OPEC nations openly refused to produce more oil as directed by Biden and have made some interesting inroads in their relationship with China and Russia. As a cherry on the cake, they have decided to revive the relations with Iran. This alone makes it worthwhile looking at the upcoming year for Saudi Arabia.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

As Leo was rising while the great conjunction took place, we have the Sun and Mercury in the 5th house of Sagittarius. The projects like Neom and Mukaab are clearly descriptive of the creative projects that might change the face of Riyadh as a city in the world’s view. Mercury is in detriment and is combust. Jupiter is placed in the 6th house and it’s fallen which makes the Sun and Mercury naturally weak. At this point, this looks like an ambitious project that might result in some considerable loss for Saudi Arabia.

By Chakra Dasa, Virgo's major period is active until April 2024 and Mercury is placed in the 5th house of creativity and intelligence. The 5th house is also an important angle that determines the financial progress of the nation. The 2-5-8-11 angle is crucial in determining the financial stability of the nation. With Mercury ruling the 2nd and the 11th houses, its position in the 5th house is not so bad except that it’s placed in detriment. This might indicate some troubles or hindrances but ultimately, Saudi Arabia will improve trade and their trade partners. They are finding alternative sources of income and they already started looking beyond oil which is what the Sun and Mercury in the 5th house indicate.

With the 2nd ruler in configuration with the money indicating houses like 2-8-11, Saudi Arabia will find its way to improve their currency in the global market and will also be a major geopolitical player across the middle east and even far from the middle east. With the ruler of the open enemies, Saturn is placed in the 6th house, we can see that Saudi Arabia attracts hidden enemies and on the other hand, they would be suppressing their enemies. The truth is, they will have growing enemies but since Saturn is not aspecting the AC or the Sun, it is unlikely that anything external is going to affect Saudi Arabia.

Mars is very early into the 9th house of Aries and it is weak as it is still in the infant stage of the sign. However, it also indicates quick shifts in trade, geopolitical position and diplomacy. Venus, ruling the 3rd and the 10th houses, is placed in the 4th house in the nodal axis. Venus is the natural significator of liasoning and diplomatic relations. Venus in the nodal axis also indicates sudden shift or changes in the global geopolitical position and diplomacy. Since Mars is forming a trine with the Sun and Mercury, this will impact the nation and its trade by a larger extent and looks like this is quite positive for Saudi Arabia. The position of Venus and Saturn in this chart is a very good example of forming unexpected relations. Recently, Saudi Arabia resumed their ties with Iran which was not expected at all and now, the inclusion of Syria into the Arab fold is also a major development that is now being essayed by Saudi Arabia.

The Moon ruling the 12th house is in the 8th house of oil and this is a vipareeta raja yoga. The Moon is received by both Jupiter and Venus in Pisces. By 12th parts, the Moon is in Taurus which is the 12th house indicating a dramatic and also a quick shift in the oil industry. With the Moon very strong by 12th parts in the 10th house, the Saudi Arabian government is waiting to take quick and surprising measures to shift the fortune to their favor, precisely because of the nodal axis. Rahu in the 10th house is extreme and quick measures. The lot of business and change/turning is in the 10th house which is a testimony to every major change that Saudi Arabia is going through at this point. More importantly, Suadi Arabia is becoming a liberal Islamic nation and this would boom the business by attracting foreign income primarily associated with the 9th and the 10th houses. With the lot of business and change in Taurus, we can surely expect major policy decisions that would facilitate the investment and business.

Aries Ingress-2023

Capricorn which is the 6th house of the great conjunction chart is the rising sign of the Aries ingress chart and this shows that Saudi Arabia will gain some enemies. Saturn is in the 2nd house of Aquarius which shows they will find stubborn but good ways to increase their gross domestic income thereby growing their GDP across quarters. Venus is in the 5th house of Taurus which is the 10th house of the great conjunction and this shows that Saudi Arabia is going to find new diplomatic groups and international friends which will change the course of their economy.

Saudi Arabia has applied for BRICS membership and the position of Venus in the 5th house and Mercury in the 4th house with the lot of fortune, and in the nodal axis will surely be successful despite some delays. Mars in the 6th house attracts enemies but also kills enemies. The 4th house is also indicative of the neighbour and Saudi Arabia will surely look to bring about a massive geopolitical change by bringing together all the Arab nations under one umbrella. Their resumption of ties with Iran and the idea of ending Syria’s isolation is a testimony to the 4th house placements which is most likely to bring about an end to the Yemen civil war. The nodal axis in the 4th house and Rahu conjunct Mercury is a very potent combination to bring about massive changes domestically and also to the surroundings.

The Moon ruling the 7th house of Cancer is placed in the 7th house indicating no open enemies could modify or influence the position that Saudi Arabia takes on the global platform. Ketu in the 10th house of Libra shows difficulty in diplomacy but Venus is dignified in the 5th house of Taurus which will play a mitigating role.

Venus is also the ruler of the King and it is placed in the 5th house which is the house of creativity and their interesting aesthetic (Mukaab and Neom) ways of growing their economy. It also shows that the ambassadors and liasoning agents of the nation will play a key role in strengthening the Saudi Arabian presence on the global platform along with their relations with some of the key players that are important to Suaid Arabian trade and security.

2023-24 is a very successful year for Saudi Arabia and they will take an independent and a dominant position in the geopolitics of the Gulf region!


  1. The charts are calculated using the sidereal zodiac (BV Raman).

  2. Software used: Planet Dance for all purposes.

  3. Indian chart - JHora

  4. Cover image (Map) from Pixabay.

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