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Relationship Horary

Levente Lazlo from Hungary besides his many translations, has also translated the works of Abū Saʿīd Shādhān (student of Abū Mashar), basically discourses with Abū Mashar. There is a portion where there is a discussion about the horary for judging matters of love. I have not written many articles on Horary astrology because I don’t practice horary professionally but I have always spent time reading the horary texts. Apparently, someone came and asked a horary question to Shādhān which was related to the judgement or failure of love.

“In it, the Ascendant was in Capricorn, and Mars was in it, while Venus was in Scorpio, configured with Mars. Saturn and Jupiter were in Sagittarius, Saturn at the latest degrees and Jupiter almost partilely conjunct with the Ascendant.”

Translation by Levente Lazlo

Shādhān’s analysis of the interrogation chart ended up in a positive judgment, primarily because Mars, the planet associated with adultery and prostitution, was positioned in the 1st house with dignity and was also in configuration with Venus.

Abū Mashar expressed his belief that Shādhān had made a serious mistake. The tables of al-Maʾmūn were deemed more precise than the tables used by Shādhān for making the judgement, as stated by Abū Mashar. According to Abū Mashar, Jupiter is positioned at the degree of the Ascendant. He further states that Jupiter only obstructs matters pertaining to prostitution and adultery, while Mars, despite being the ruler of the 11th house, signifies only separation without any indication of mingling, which is because of the natural quality of Mars.

Moreover, he proposes that astrologers should refrain from interpreting the Mars configuration as a positive indication for matters concerning love, emphasising the significance of exploring the relationship between the Moon and Venus.

Horary Example

Although I have read this translation by Levente Lazlo on multiple occasions, it brought to mind a query regarding the potential survival of a relationship. I remember judging that it wouldn’t survive and my judgement was correct. I checked the astrogold on my phone and I had the chart saved.

The querent was in a relationship but was on the verge of falling for someone else and asked me if their existing relationship would survive. The result is that the relationship ended the querent moved on with the other person.

Taurus was rising at that moment with Mars in the 1st house and also in its detriment. The horary chart bears resemblance to the chart referred to by Shādhān, wherein Mars was indeed in its exalted state in Capricorn. However, in this case, Mars is positioned in the 1st house of Taurus, in detriment which is unfavourable and it also rules the 7th house, suggesting the possibility of unpleasant disputes or disagreements that could have contributed to the termination of the relationship. Furthermore, the retrograde motion of Mars suggests a potential disruption in the individual’s relationships. A square aspect between Mars and the Midheaven signifies a sudden and impactful change in action that is specifically relevant to the relationship. The retrograde motion of Mars also signifies the initiation of a new relationship prior to concluding one, a notion further supported by Mars forming a square aspect with the MC.

The Moon is the co-signifacator of any horary chart and it becomes imperative to analyse the condition of the Moon. When the Moon is positioned in the 8th house, it promptly signifies the inner motives of the querent concerning another relationship prior to the conclusion of the ongoing relationship. The Moon’s first applying aspect is with Ketu which is indicative of detachment.

The placement of Venus in the 8th house of Sagittarius, as the ruler of the 1st house and hence the Lord of Mars, points towards the occurrence of death - the conclusion of the relationship. The configuration of Venus applying to Mercury in Sagittarius, with Mercury governing the 2nd and 5th houses, may signify the initiation of a fresh relationship. Abū Mashar recommends considering the positioning of Venus and the Moon, both of which are located in the 8th house. The separation between Venus and the Moon only indicates the emotional disconnect, as the Moon’s darkness in the 8th house whispers of a hidden significance. A combust Moon can indicate secret matters.

This is further confirmed by the hour ruler, Jupiter in Pisces points out to self-centric decision where the native prioritises their gain over the survival of the relationship. No planet is applying to Jupiter. The Moon and the Sun have just separated from Jupiter indicating the shift has already happened.

© Aswin Subramanyan 2024


Acknowledgments: Levente Lazlo and Tania Daniels

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