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An Attempt to understand Zoller's 9/11 Prediction

Image: Thomas Svensson (Pexels)

Victor Olliver, the editor of the Astrological Association’s journal, curiously inquired on X about the tools and techniques employed by the late astrologer Robert Zoller to make his renowned 9/11 prediction. It is believed that Zoller communicated his predictions to his followers through a newsletter, but it remains uncertain if he openly disclosed any specific techniques. He may not have discussed the techniques, possibly to ensure that his newsletters were accessible to all readers, including non-astrologers. Nevertheless, we are well aware of Robert Zoller’s contributions to medieval astrology through his translations and scholarship. Therefore, I decided to analyse the event using some medieval methods which were most likely used by Zoller for his predictions. I am positive that Ben Dykes wrote about Zoller predicting the 9/11 attack using the peaking time of the eclipse but unfortunately, due to my limited time, I am not able to search and quote that passage.

See Zoller’s note from the website of the Astrological Association.

“From September we are entering a period of increased danger to us in the West. In an earlier Nuntius I said that there is an increasing threat to the US citizens, and this is particularly so on the Eastern sea boarder. I have also said that this threat is linked not so much to a new boldness in terrorist planning but more to US incompetence. At that time I couched those remarks as being non astrological so as to play down the warning but I say again as was said in the July Nuntius if the US does not cease acting incompetently, it will invite the depredations of adventurers such as Osama bin Laden and Saddam. This is a wake-up call. Our way of life and cultural values (& our lives) are at stake.”

Instead of using natal charts for nations like modern astrologers, Persians relied on astronomically significant charts such as ingresses, conjunctions, eclipses, and lunation. Mundane astrology involves various techniques, such as Fardars and conjunction cycles that span thousands of years. In this essay, I’ll utilize ingress chart, Saturn-Mars conjunction, eclipse chart, and the lunation prior to the event. I'll keep this essay brief as I'm currently occupied, but I couldn't resist giving it a try.

Aries Ingress - 2001

Taurus is rising in the Aries Ingress chart of 2001 and Saturn is placed in the 1st house indicating tensions and challenges. No planet is dignified in angles and therefore, no victor in this chart which shows that the year is challenging. The ruler of the rising sign, Venus is placed in the 12th house of loss and Venus is also squared by the lunar nodes. In an ingress chart or any mundane chart, a planet that is squaring or falling in the nodal axis indicates a major shift or a tragedy during the course of the period until when the chart is relevant. This has been true in my limited experience as an astrologer. Venus, ruling the 1st house indicates the nation itself and the condition of the nation. With Venus afflicted by being in the bending, we can conclude that the year is extremely transformative and challenging for the nation.

Mars ruling the 7th and the 12th house is placed in the 8th house of Sagittarius. When Mars is positioned in the 8th house, it indicates the potential for widespread death and destruction. The aspect between Mars and the Moon, with the Moon positioned in the 10th house, suggests a potential loss of people. This is because Mars rules the 12th house, which represents loss, and the Moon symbolizes people in the context of mundane astrology. When the Moon is positioned in the 10th house, it signifies that the issues related to people will take center stage and reach a culmination, exerting a long-lasting influence over their emotions.

Solar Eclipse: June 21, 2001

Ben Dykes mentioned that Zoller believed that the eclipse would have a significant impact in the areas where it passes. Hence, it is worth noting that areas not within the eclipse’s trajectory may not be greatly affected; nevertheless, as stated in Ben Dykes’ Astrology of the World: I, Ptolemy did not think the same. By employing Sahl’s method, I am able to accurately determine the timeframe within which the impact of the eclipse is expected. According to Sahl, the impact of the eclipse, whether it is a solar or lunar eclipse, would be felt for a duration of one year. Therefore, the impact of the June 21, 2001 eclipse would extend until June 20, 2002.

To comprehend the effect of the eclipses, take into account the diurnal motion. Should the eclipse occur on the eastern horizon of the chart (AC), its influence will be experienced within the first 3 months. If the eclipse happens near the MC, its effects will be experienced between the 4th and 6th month. If the eclipse happens near the DC, its effects will be experienced from the 7th to the 9th month. If it occurs near the IC, the impact will be felt from the 10th to the 12th month. In the eclipse chart for June 2001, we see that Leo is rising with the eclipse happening in the 12th house of Cancer. The 12th house is outside the eastern horizon and we can conclude that the impact of the eclipse would take place between the 4th and the 6th month from the eclipse. The first three months would be complete by September 21, 2001, but the event happened on September 9, 2001.

Saturn-Mars conjunction

The Moon's void of course placement in the 1st house of Virgo symbolizes the helplessness felt by both the people and the nation in the wake of the events. The prominence of the 8th house in this chart, with Venus, Mercury, and the Sun, suggests destruction. Mercury's inability to offer reception to the Moon in Virgo, coupled with its position in the 8th house, signifies further challenges and potential destruction for the people and the nation. Mercury's peregrine status in Aries adds to its weakened state. As ruler of the 1st house and the MC, Mercury also signifies challenges for the King and the administration. Additionally, the absence of planets in angular houses, along with the concentration of planets in the 8th and cadent 9th houses, underscores the vulnerability of the situation.

Full Moon September 2, 2001

Lunation consistently serves as a signal, allowing us to detect the patterns of potential occurrences throughout the fortnight. Saturn ruling the 1st house and the 12th house is in the 5th house which means, Saturn tightly squares the Sun in the 8th house. Mercury, ruling Saturn and also ruling both the ascendant and the 10th house in the Saturn-Mars conjunction chart, resides in the cadent 9th house. Significantly, it squares the lunar nodes, indicating potential crisis, tragedy, or a significant disruption that could alter the nation's trajectory. Venus, ruling the ascendant in the Aries ingress, finds its dispositor, the Sun, positioned in the 8th house associated with transformation and death. While the Moon forms an exact trine with its ruler, Jupiter, it's essential to note Jupiter's affliction by the nodal axis, further solidifying the sense of crisis. Moreover, the Moon faces squares from Saturn, quite close and Mars, by whole sign, adding layers to the complex dynamics at play.

I can't say with absolute certainty that Robert Zoller employed these precise techniques, but I'm reasonably confident that he used similar methods and most likely in different ways to predict the 9/11 attacks.


© Aswin Subramanyan 2024

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