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Solar Eclipse, Comet and What Not!

Updated: Apr 5

It is possible for someone to hold the viewpoint that comets, similar to asteroids or hypothetical planets, are a more contemporary element in astrology. Nevertheless, comets possess a greater significance and played a prominent role in ancient and medieval societies. In the famous epic of Ramayana, there is a notable incident involving King Dasaratha’s queen Kaikeyi, who was not only a queen but also a renowned astrologer. It was during her observance of the night sky that she noticed the presence of a comet, Dhumaketu in India. Based on her astrological expertise, she made a prediction that this celestial phenomenon might potentially bring harm to the ruling king. At that point in time, King Dasaratha had already made all the necessary preparations for the grand coronation ceremony of his beloved son, Rama. 

Kaikeyi, the selfless queen made a decision to orchestrate Rama’s exile for a lengthy period of 14 years in the jungle primarily to save Rama because the comet was harmful for the ruling king. Kaikeyi’s decision to take this action put her own son Bharata in a precarious position, as he was next in line to succeed Rama. Apart from Rama’s exile, none of these plans were executed, resulting in Dasaratha retaining his position as king until his eventual death, which unfolded exactly as predicted by Kaikeyi. At that time, Rama had already begun his exile while Bharata took on the responsibility of serving as the Kingdom’s steward until Rama’s eventual return to Ayodhya. Contextually, it is important to note that King Charles is already battling terminal illness.

Comet P12- The Mother of Dragons

The comet named Comet P12, referred to as the Mother of Dragons, will appear close to constellation Aries during the highly anticipated solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. Al-Rijal, in his work, The Book of the Skilled, translated by Dr. Benjamin Dykes as part of his Astrology of the World-II, associated the regions: 

Babylon, Persia, Azerbaijan, Palestine, Jazirah and Cyprus and the coast of the sea of Asia Minor, and the land of the Slavs (Parts of Eurasia and Eastern Europe), and Akhlat (Modern day Turkey) and Musul (Modern day Iraq) with Aries. 
Pisces has Tabaristan and the northern side of the land of Jurjan; and it has a partnership in Rome, and it has from Rome to the north, and it has the Jazirah (Iraq, Syria and Turkey) and lesser Alexandria, and the sea of Yemen, and it has Nanuniyyah and Sahuniyyah, and Lamurits and Harman, and the land of China and the land of Ethiopia, and the Green sea which is the sea of the west, and Samarkand. 

P492, Astrology of the World-II, Dr. Benjamin Dykes.

While some of these regions are a little confusing, I think most of these places are primarily middle-east surrounding the Persian gulf, also including Israel and Northern Africa. The Solar Eclipse and the comet are both highly active in these regions, which serves as a clear indication of their significance. Additionally, it is unfortunate that these regions are already engulfed in war, with innocent civilians bearing the brunt of the corrupt political landscape.

Eclipse in Gaza

According to Sahl ibn-Bishir, it is important for us to observe and take note of the specific sign in which the comet appears while it is visible. In order to fully understand the significance of a sign, it is crucial to take note of the planets that are positioned within the sign, the planets that form aspects with the sign, as well as the condition of the ruler of the sign. Taking into account the circumstances where this sign represents the Kings, and with the malefics exerting influence on it and the Lord of the sign being configured with a malefic, it can be inferred that there is a potential scenario where the King or a figure of authority in the administration may meet their demise or pose a risk to their own territory. 

The comet P12 can currently be found in Aries, specifically in the 7th house of Aries. It is worth noting that Aries is associated with soldiers and war. In addition to representing direct enemies, the 7th house can also symbolize death. Jupiter is placed in the 7th house and Jupiter rules the 3rd and the 6th houses for Libra rising and therefore, Jupiter can only present a hidden enemy as a direct enemy. With Mercury ruling both the 9th house of foreign diplomacy and the 12th house of war, its placement in the 7th house strongly suggests the possibility of engaging in direct conflict with adversaries. The comet, positioned alongside Jupiter and Mercury, can be seen right around the stomach of Ram, suggesting that the beating might be directly below the belt.

As of now, there is a void in leadership in Gaza, leaving the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as the prominent leader in the midst of the ongoing war. While the comet in Aries is not a good sign for the ruling king, the eclipse in Pisces indicates that the war would expand to other regions surrounding the Middle East and also the Northern Africa. It can be inferred from this that there is a chance the war could intensify and extend its reach to encompass water bodies. The fact that the comet is placed in Aries is significant, particularly because Aries is associated with regions like Palestine. This placement directly highlights leaders in this particular area, in this case Netanyahu. In my assessment, it is likely that the intensification of this war and the ensuing chaos would progress further as a result of the elimination or capture of important figures, whether it be the King, a minister, or any other influential person in that particular region. This, in turn, could lead to the conflict expanding and affecting other areas surrounding Israel and Palestine. Sahl suggests that the effects of the eclipse can extend for a full year, and given that it is occurring in the 6th house, it is likely that the true impact of the eclipse will be experienced towards the end of this year or the beginning of the next (employ diurnal motion).

The Sun, which rules the Midheaven and represents the condition of the King, is positioned in the 6th house of Pisces alongside its ruler Jupiter in the 7th house. The placement of the Sun, which is a crucial factor in determining the condition of the King in this eclipse chart, is in conjunction with Rahu, signifying an irreparable for the ruling King. The  affliction of the Sun and the Moon as the indicators of the King and administration strongly suggests that a crisis, significant change, or a major shift is imminent, and such developments have the potential to significantly impact the geopolitical landscape in this particular region. The Moon, as the ruler of the 10th house of administration, is both eclipsed and combust, leading to a bleak outlook for any progress in administration. The exaltation of Venus, which is the ruler of the rising sign in the 6th house can potentially indicate the emergence of growing problems for the nation. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that Venus is also involved in this eclipse, serving as its affliction. All these planets are placed in the cadent 6th house of decline; indicating the fall of King (Sun), administration (Moon) and nation (Venus). 

To make things worse, we have Saturn-Mars conjunction in the 5th house of Aquarius indicating the strong reserves on the one hand because Israel is rich and Mars indicates draining of resources rapidly for funding the war. Both Mars and Saturn aspect the 7th house where we can see the comet, Jupiter and Mercury. The regions is surrounded by enemies and plagued by problems and we can only forecast expansion of the war and escalation of problems to whole another level.

Eclipse in the USA

The Media in the US is already calling this eclipse as "The Great American Eclipse" and it really looks like one as the eclipse is pre-dominantly visible in North America.

When Saturn and Mars are in the 8th house, it is a powerful indication of extensive destruction. This is further emphasized by the placement of Mars, the ruler of the 10th house and the Lord of the MC, in conjunction with Saturn in the 8th house, suggesting a significant transformation or even the possibility of fatalities within the highest levels of the nation’s administration. The presence of the eclipse in the 9th house is a strong indication that the nation’s foreign policy will experience significant problems and undergo major changes. The placement of Venus in its exaltation in the 9th house of Pisces is generally considered favorable, but if Venus becomes afflicted due to an eclipse, it can negate the positive outcomes that Venus might bring. Hence, it can be concluded that the United States government may not appeal its citizens with a clear understanding of the challenges faced in the real world, as exemplified by the Moon, which currently appears bewildered and lacking a clear path due to the bleak political circumstances that have significantly impacted the nation. 

Considering the Comet’s placement in the 10th house, alongside the MC and its ruling planet Mars situated in the 8th house, which is further afflicted by negative influences, it is highly unlikely that this configuration brings any positive implications for the current ruling King, President Joe Biden. The problems that arise at the highest level of administration will have a profound impact, not only on the administration itself but also on the entire nation. This is indicated by the placement of the Moon in the 9th house, which symbolizes darkness and decline for a duration of at least one year.

Kamala Harris!?

According to Sahl’s method of timing the impact of the eclipse, the impact of the eclipse might occur in the 2nd quarter from the eclipse which is between July to October. Will Kamala Harris become the first woman president of the United States of America? It wouldn’t be a surprise to me if she becomes the President before the elections; however, it is unlikely that she will regain power after her short stint until the election in November 2024.

With Gemini rising and the upcoming eclipse in her 10th house, Kamla Harris can expect her career to take center stage in the near future. She is living through Rahu’s major period and Rahu is placed in the 1st house indicating sudden elevation into the limelight. The sub-period ruler is Venus and Venus is placed in the 3rd with its dispositor, the Sun debilitated in the 5th house of power in Libra. From June 2024 onwards, Rahu will assume the role of the 3rd level sub-period ruler (Rahu-Venus-Rahu). This particular period is significant as it is when Kamala Harris is anticipated to gain prominence for some reason. My analysis suggests that this could be attributed to administrative matters, possibly influenced by the eclipse in her 10th house of Pisces.

Addendum: 5 April 2024

Joe Biden?

Born while Scorpio was rising, the current US President Joe Biden is living through Saturn’s major and minor period. The planet Saturn governs both the 3rd and 4th houses, while for individuals with a fixed rising sign, the ruler of the 3rd house serves as an indicator for potential endings. The placement of Saturn in the 7th house not only signifies potential endings, but also suggests a connection with Venus, the ruler of the 7th house, who is combust in the 1st house of Scorpio.

The current position of transiting Saturn in Aquarius shows that it has already passed the exact square with the natal Saturn. However, it is important to note that Saturn will start its retrograde motion on July 1, 2024, and during this period it will once again reach its square with the natal Saturn. As we approach that time, the transiting Saturn will be squared by the sub-period ruler Jupiter (by transit), starting from late July. The minor period (2nd level) of Mercury is set to begin in December of 2024. For those with Scorpio rising, Mercury, as the ruling planet of the 8th and 11th houses, assumes the role of the primary functional malefic planet. It is important to consider that the effects of this period might start becoming apparent earlier than expected. It is common for the influence of a planetary period to be noticeable either a few months in advance or a few days afterward. Apart from this, the transit of Venus in the 7th house during Mid-May to Mid-June 2024 could bring some challenges for Joe Biden. The 7th ruler is considered a maraka (Killer) in general.

I hope I go wrong in everything I have written in this essay.


© Aswin Subramanyan 2024

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