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The Complicated Astrology of Nogorno-Karabakh

Nagorno-Karabakh appears to be a disputed region that is not recognised as part of any country. In the map, it is located well within the Azerbaijani territory. Proper borders that are consistent with the land present across Azerbaijan and Armenia could potentially mitigate the inherent difficulties caused by their current geographical division. One such long standing disputes that led to wars is the fight for the region, “Nagorno-Karabakh”. The United Nations has established that the region falls under the territory of Azerbaijan; however, it is crucial to recognise the ethnic connection to Armenia where Armenian people have been residing for years and have a cultural attachment to the area. On September 19, 2023, Azerbaijan forces launched an unexpected attack on the disputed region that took the Armenian separatist forces (as how the media calls it) by surprise giving them no choice by to surrender. Azerbaijan has laid claim to the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, resulting in a mass exodus of thousands of Armenian refugees to Armenia, who fear the threat of ethnic cleansing.


While we would feel at heart that Armenia should rightfully hold Nogorno-Karabakh, the international platform recognises the place as part of Azerbaijan. It is difficult to take sides and come to a conclusion but ultimately, people are the victims whatever the conflict might be. If we look at the geopolitical implications, it might become a lot clearer but this post is not about geopolitics but astrology of geopolitics.

While some astrology programs did not recognise Nogorno-Karabakh as a region, Planet Dance, a free astrology program, had a useful tool that permitted users to add a new region to their maps. Using this feature, I could have the ability to cast the chart precisely to the disputed region for the middle conjunction (Saturn-Mars in Capricorn - 2022).

Saturn-Mars Conjunction

As soon as we take a look at the chart, it becomes apparent that Mercury is in a weakened state as it is placed in the 1st house of Pisces, and to add to that, it is in conjunction with the Sun which happens to be the ruler of the 6th house. The 12th house of Aquarius is where Jupiter, the ruler of the 1st house, is situated, and this placement points towards a lack of certainty and potential loss. The 6th ruler, the Sun and the 7th ruler, Mercury in the 1st house is an indication of difficulties, refuge and growing enmity. Despite the challenging placement of the Moon in Taurus on the nodal axis, those who are seeking refuge in Armenia can take comfort in the fact that they will be welcomed and provided with shelter. We cannot discount the dignity of the Moon in Taurus. However, relief is not before a great deal of struggle. The Armenian government has reportedly acknowledged that they are able to accept and house up to 40000 individuals who are relocating from Nogorno-Karabakh. Despite this, we have received reports that indicate there are approximately 120,000 individuals of Armenian ethnicity who are in need of assistance. Given that 40,000 people have already arrived in Armenia, it is possible that there may be difficulties for those who are still seeking refuge. The Moon in conjunction with Rahu might indicate this. Perhaps there are other locations where these people could find a safe haven if Armenia is not feasible. Losing their homes and everything can be a devastating experience, as the placement of the Sun and the Moon indicates.

Saturn-Mars conjunction is in the 11th house of Capricorn. Mars rules the 2nd and the 9th house and is exalted in the 11th house of gains for the nation. If we look at the below map, we will notice that Nogorno-Karabakh is actually located within the Azerbaijani territory and hence, we can delineate that Azerbaijan is taking a part of its land from Armenia. Mars is the significator of land and Mars exalted in the 11th house is indicative of gaining the land. However, the 4th ruler Mercury debilitated in the 1st house shows that the people of that region are facing a huge identity crisis with no proper place for them to live. Another important thing to notice is the placement of all planets on one side of the nodal axis which is called as the Kala Sarpa Dosha in Jyotish. The Moon is slightly away from this axis but is pretty much part of it as it is in conjunction with Rahu.

The Saturn-Mars conjunction chart indicates that the dispute for the land and the problems for its people will continue to be a major concern. Cultural differences have created a situation where people are increasingly worried about the possibility of ethnic cleansing, prompting many to leave the region. This is again well indicated by the Moon with Rahu. People living in the area are frequently exposed to a tense and nervous atmosphere, which has become a constant presence in the region and might continue to be so for a while.

Libra Ingress 2023

What has happened is already in the news and hence, I didn't want to write about the Aries Ingress but I cast Libra Ingress to understand what lies ahead.

The analysis of this particular chart is quite challenging since the region under discussion is located in Azerbaijan. Taking into consideration the significance of the 10th house, we must keep in mind that it represents the Azeri government and not the Armenian government. The fact that Mercury is exalted in the 10th house of Virgo is a strong indication that the Azeri government is poised to take a firm hold on the region and that there is a strong leader at the helm. When we analyze the chart, we can observe that Mars is placed in the 11th house of Libra, and it is accompanied by the Moon, which rules the 8th house. Additionally, we can see that there is a reception from Venus present. Although Venus and the Sun are in mutual reception, but some would argue that the Sun’s antipathy towards Libra has caused a state of non-reception. Yet, Venus receives Mars in Libra and also will receive the Moon in Libra. Although there is some relief for the people who have left Nogorno-Karabakh, it seems likely that this will not be without any problems, as Mars indicates more war-like scenarios or people getting attacked. While saying relief, I only mean the escaping for their lives but nothing else.

The Moon is placed in the 11th house of Libra and 10th from 11th is the 8th house ruled by the Moon. One can assume that the Moon also symbolises the government of the people of Nogorno-Karabakh, which is Armenia, based on the fact that the Moon rules the 10th house from the 11th house which is the 8th house - indicating government. On the other hand, it also shows the vulnerable position of the Armenian government at this point, where people are furious against the Prime Minister Nikos Pashinyan. The Moon in conjunction with Mars in the 11th house is not a good sign as it shows that the people might be bereft of support and feel will dry during the initial period, yet they will find housing and shelter at some place even if not Armenia because the Moon is still placed in the 11th house. Probably, the Armenian public might support these refugees even if they gather a lot more than they can take.

We can only hope that those who have been affected will find peace and prosperity as soon as possible.

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