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Astrology Forecast of August 2023

There’s a lot happening in August 2023 with respect to the transits. In this forecast, we will be working with the Nodes are moving closer to the second last Navamsa in Aries and Libra. Retrograde motion of Mercury in Leo will start on August 25, 2023. We will be pushed back into the world of emotions once Venus enters Cancer on August 10, 2023, as it is already in retrograde. The transition from water to fire will indicate the Gandanta and the matters that we left behind will be something we might go back to again. Sometimes, it will necessary to evaluate or analyse whether we need to go back to those that we left behind. Especially, when it comes to relationships, things did not work because they were not meant to. The retrograde period is a moment of self reflection and not necessarily going back to the relationship. The self reflection will help us be matured when we have the next relationship at some point of time.

Forecast on Venus Retrograde and it’s ingress back into Cancer

Venus Rx in Leo and bridges falling have always been a consistent feature in the history.

It happened in August 2015 in Netherlands.

In Minneapolis in August 2007

In Baltimore in August 1999

If you look back in the history, we might notice majority of bridge collapses would coincide with the maltreated or afflicted condition of Venus during the transit at that point of time.

Venus is the natural planet of union and liason which we can associate with bridges. Venus Rx can show an end of relationship or end of collaborations or end of a longstanding union between two organisations or maybe even two nations.

Venus will enter into the last degrees of Cancer which is also Gandanta. Venus will be in the terms of Saturn and there won’t be a whole sign aspect between Venus and Saturn. There is no limitation or boundaries that we have for ourselves during this period and it is always the external or artificial boundary that someone sets for us. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise and we shouldn’t trespass the limitation.

Jupiter in the Martian terms of Aries

Forecast on Jupiter in Bharani in the Martian terms

Jupiter will also be in Bharani indicating death or labour (women). By Navamsa, Jupiter would be in Libra by Navamsa for this entire month and Venus’ retrograde also shows eventful happenings in our lives maybe our relationships with the mentors or elders in our family. End of the chapter of elders in our family might be news that we might hear, but that depends largely on the nativities.

Jupiter has a term and a decan in Aries. Jupiter is currently in its own Decan while it is in the terms of Mars. Jupiter has just entered the terms of Mars in Aries and is slowly moving far away from the nodal axis. Jupiter-Mars trine is almost perfect and Mars is around 24 degrees of Aries at this point. Hellenistic and Medieval astrologers considered a planet aspecting its own term as very powerful. Now that Jupiter is in a close trine to Mars ruling Aries in Mars’ terms, we might see some movements or revolutions or riots, especially religious - currently, there is some religious chaos that’s on going in India and like this, we would just see something until Mars enters Virgo in the mid of August.

Forecast on Mars ingress into Virgo

Mars is the planet of war, desire and passion while Virgo is the territory of perfectionism and analytics. Mars is indicative of higher technology or hardcore technical matters. Mars in Virgo will push the feeling of wanting to be perfect. Being analytical and being passionately analytical is one of the important features of this period. Mercury will not be in any relationship with Mars during August and there won’t be any reception. It will be wise to focus on minute matters of whatever we are doing because as they say, “the devil is in the details”. When we focus a little more on finer details, we will discover substantial stuff that will help us move forward in whatever we are looking to accomplish during this year. The best news of this month is that Mars loses its relationship with both Saturn and the Nodes. This promises to be a much lighter month as far as mental pressure is concerned but Venus moving back into Cancer might put us in a vulnerable spot and when Venus begins it’s direct motion, it will be in opposition with Saturn. Moreover, while it enters Cancer, Venus will get into a whole sign square with the Nodes. Any wrong move regarding Venusian matters of our life will bring back the burden and anyway, it’s not worth it.

Brief Forecast on Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Mercury, almost before entering Virgo, turns retrograde in the 26th degree of Leo towards the end of Purvaphalguni just before entering Uthraphalguni. Both these nakashatras signify marriage and matters related to marriage. It won’t be ideal to enter some form of marriage related agreements during this period. This might not be so fruitful or at least might pose some risk of threatening the nature, condition and longevity of such an agreement. Venus is also retrograde and this might not be conducive to marriage. That certainly doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pursue relationships, but it is just that we just have to postpone our conclusive decision during this phase.

Forecast of the Nodes approaching the last Navamsa of Aries

Rahu and Ketu are now in the 2nd last Navamsa of Aries and Libra respectively. They are approaching the final Navamsa in the sign of Aries and Libra thereby entering the Gandanta. The transition zone from the fire to water is always a little tricky one. Venus is already in Gandata and exactly squares the Nodes and we will feel the repeating patterns of the matetrs that were prominent in our lives from the past two months or so. The Nodes will have a last laugh in Aries and Libra and we need to be focussed in those areas of our lives. If we are having an identity crisis, we need to ensure that we do enough self introspection without reacting much to any criticism. Although sometimes, criticism is baseless, we may find some value in self introspection. Maybe we can pay attention to our own inner voice and if not the voices of others. Parternships and collaborations might either by building up or it might be ending. Rocky relationships need contemplation more than ever and we need to spend time without arriving at any conclusion. There won't be any need to revisit any old relationship at this point. This is a time to let go off some weight from our backs!

I will write separate notes for Sun in Cancer and the lunation coming up on August 16 and August 31.

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