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Venus Retrograde 2023, 2015 and 1998

Cancer was rising as Venus turned retrograde in Leo and it is also in conjunction with Mars. In the retrograde chart, we see that this is happening in the 2nd house and this indicates some kind of important shifts or turning points in some of our family lives and also income. I am not qualifying it as good or bad, but the theme might well be relationships, after all Venus it the natural significator of relationships but it might also be family and finance.

In some cases, relationships means family but in some cases, it is not. Mars the 5th and the 10th ruler is the yoga karaka for Cancer rising but Mars is also natural malefic and this is a day chart making Mars a difficult malefic. This can indicate a minor downfall and it might need us to actually get up after falling down. Venus is the 4th and the 11th ruler which is a bhadhaka for Cancer rising and is afflicting Mars by being in conjunction. Therefore, we see malefic nature of both the planets but there also seems to be some mitigation. Hence, we could conclude that the problem will arise but could be solved. However, for those who have Venus as a time lord, we need to take a look at Venus’ position in the birth chart and that might tell us a completely different story.

Venus retrograde always brings out some of the most difficult things especially related to sexual matters that were behind the screens that tend to tarnish people’s images. As discussed in the note I wrote for Sun’s ingress into Cancer, this is scandalous and it is important for us to remain honest especially when it comes to relationships. For those who have already taken that wrong path, they will end up screwing their existing lives because Saturn is placed in the 8th house of this retrograde chart and Saturn’s aspect indicates confrontation. Saturn aspecting Mars which is placed in the 2nd house is an indication of a major crisis in the family and since Venus is placed there, it might be due to unacceptable relationships. This doesn’t necessarily have to alternate relationships but it might also have to do with the rigidity that we are holding or facing with our partners and it might end up turning into an ego battle.

The Sun and Mercury are placed in the 1st house of Cancer indicating income and expenses. With Mars and Venus in the 2nd house already stressing upon the significance of financial matters, the Sun ruling the 2nd house placed in the 1st house is a yoga but it is also in conjunction with the 12th ruler, Mercury. Therefore, whatever we earn might be spent or maybe a need to spend will arise even before the income is realised. Considering the times, we are living through, it will be important to note that break even is a good thing to enjoy!

Major events have already taken place during the Venus Rx in history and we don’t have time to go through a lot of it. However, we already have a major event that took place in Italy where a 17 year woman was groped but apparently, the court ruled in the favour of the plaintiff saying that the episode was less than 10 seconds which doesn’t constitute as a sexual harassment. This is one of the unacceptable decisions across the human race everywhere in the world.

This just happened a few days ago as Venus is already in the shadow period to turn retrograde. In the Aries Ingress chart for 2023, we see that Scorpio is rising with Leo being the 10th house. Venus is currently transiting Leo just turning retrograde and is also in conjunction with Mars. The Sun is Cancer indicating the emotions that are running high during this time when the court makes such a retrogressive ruling against the safety of women.

In 2015, the Greek Prime minister resigned. In the Aries Ingress chart, we can see that the 10th ruler, the Sun is placed in the 6th house of Aries along with Mars indicating separation of the government and the leader. During the early August when Venus was retrograde in the 10th house of the Aries Ingress chart for Greece, the prime minister resigned. Venus always indicates major social events that might change the perspective of the people in that area or might raise the eyebrows of many people. Venus also indicates political turmoil and this is one such example.

In August 1998, when Venus was retrograde, a major scandal involving the then US President Bill Clinton’s sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky broke out and this shook their entire nation. Interestingly, Venus is placed in the 10th house Aquarius in the Aries Ingress chart while the ruler of Aquarius Saturn debilitated in Aries. This indicates the nature of the controversy and the secrecy of it. This precisely broke out when Venus was retrograde in Leo, exactly opposing the position in the Aries Ingress chart. Venus Rx also forms a conjunction with Rahu of the Aries Ingress chart in Leo. This is a literal manifestation of Venus retrograde.

For as long as we can remember, Venus has always turned retrograde in Leo and moved into Cancer and then moved forward from Cancer to Leo but this is the first time in at least 200 years (quoted by astrologer Lynn Holt) that Venus is finishing its retrograde motion in a single sign, that is Leo.

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