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Gaza Conflict 2023

In a previous post in March, I had anticipated the possibility of Netanyahu’s government being toppled. However, the current status is that they have formed a united government that operates jointly with the opposition. This post is not specific to Israel or Palestine but to Gaza which is a disputed territory that happens to be the ground for war. My hope is that the war comes to an end for the relief of the common people who are largely affected by this conflict. The damage has already been beyond grief and we can only pray for peace.

Israel and Palestine have been engaged in a protracted geopolitical conflict, characterised by recurrent military clashes. Major damage that cannot be adequately described occurred when a Palestinian militant group launched an attack on the Israeli territories bordering them on October 7, 2023. The expenses incurred during times of war are significant, yet it is imperative to understand the profound turmoil it imposes upon the lives of the common people residing in the regions that bear the brunt of its consequences. I have no stakes with Israel or Palestine but all I am worried about is the common people who are affected due to the problems of the governments. I cast the charts to Gaza and Janus puts Gaza under Israel while Planet Dance lists it as a Palestinian territory. I have noticed that Astrogold does not offer any information regarding Gaza or Palestine in their atlas, and I am uncertain if I am overlooking something. Nogorno-Karabakh was also missing in AstroGold.

Saturn-Mars Conjunction

The chart cast to Gaza shows war. The 12th house, associated with war and hospitalization, is where the middle conjunction is placed. This combination strongly indicates that the region might be plagued by the turmoil of war. The presence of the Moon in the 4th house of Taurus, along with its closely conjunct position with Rahu, signifies that the individuals residing in the affected region may display impulsive tendencies and feel a heightened sense of anxiety.

The presence of Ketu in the 10th house suggests that the government’s ability to act independently may be compromised, leading to a lack of stability and effectiveness. Anyway, Gaza is a conflicted territory and it is very descriptive of the placement. In the 12th house, Mars, the ruler of the 10th house, indicates a predisposition towards reckless and impulsive decision making, particularly when it comes to government-related matters. In the 1st house of Aquarius, we find Venus, the ruler of the 4th and 9th houses, which is known as the Yoga Karaka (a planet ruling an angle and a trine), showing a potential for diplomacy. Additionally, Venus is in conjunction with Jupiter, the ruler of the 2nd and 11th houses. If we calculate Chakra dasa, the 1st house period is already over and the war began during the Scorpio period with Mars in the 12th house in conjunction with Saturn. Sagittarius period with Jupiter ruling the time begins from 4th December until the end of March 2024. This looks like a good window for diplomacy but we should also remember that Sagittarius also promotes war in general, but we should hope that Jupiter in the 1st house in the same sign as Venus promotes a peaceful agreement.

Libra Ingress 2023

In the Libra ingress cast to Gaza, the rising sign is Sagittarius, and it is accompanied by Jupiter in the 5th house of Aries. This placement of Jupiter in relation to the nodal axis suggests a strong indication of extreme tension and anxiety. The Moon indicating people is placed in the 11th house Libra in conjunction with Mars and Ketu showing the death and destruction. This placement of the Moon not only points to the indescribable feelings experienced by the people in the region, but it also highlights the anxiety prevalent among them.

The placement of Venus, which rules the 6th house, in the 9th house of Leo poses a threat to the potential for diplomacy. This is due to the affliction caused by the 6th ruler being in the 9th house, which is typically supportive of diplomacy. However, it is worth noting that Venus is known as the planet of diplomacy. On the other hand, the Sun is in a weakened state in the 11th house of Libra. We see there is a mutual reception between the Sun and Venus. While it may appear that the aspect of Jupiter on the Sun provides some relief, we must not overlook the presence of the Sun in the nodal axis, which signifies the government’s vulnerability. The placement of Venus in the 9th house does not typically promote diplomacy; instead, it tends to eliminate any possibility of diplomatic interactions. A noteworthy point to consider is that the transiting Venus remains in Leo at the onset of the war.

In the chart, we can observe that Mercury, the ruler of the 10th house, is positioned in its exaltation within the 10th house of Virgo. This placement signifies that the king is in a position of power and authority. Furthermore, this indicates that the government is experiencing a period of stability. This is in contrast to the previous chart, which depicted the conjunction of Saturn and Mars and suggested a more turbulent situation. However, it will be important to see if what happens when transiting Venus enters Virgo towards the end of this month. If we calculate the Chakra Dasa for the Libra ingress, we see that the Virgo period begins by the end of this year. The window for diplomatic agreement appears around early December 2023.

Judging by what I have seen, it looks like there will be some instability in Gaza for the remainder of the year, and I truly hope that the situation improves sooner rather than later. Inspired by the support and encouragement of my close friend Rok Koritnik, a distinguished astrologer from Slovenia, we assembled yesterday to engage in a small-scale fire ritual. The primary objective of our gathering was to earnestly pray for the establishment of peace.

Let peace be!

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