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Annual Profections from Sourav Ganguly's Karakamsa

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Profections have always been a technique which I have found easy to use and also fascinating because of the striking revelations. Earlier, I had written about profecting from Indu Lagna. Moving further in exploring the rich special ascendants of Vedic astrology, I am going to analyze Saurav Ganguly’s chart by profecting from Karakamsa Lagna. Karakamsa Lagna is the sign in which the Atma Karaka (planet placed in the highest degree in the rasi chart) is placed in the Navamsa of a nativity.

Recently, Sourav Ganguly took over as the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) which has been running through tumultuous times for the past three years clouded by corruption due to undeserving people taking the chair. Entire Indian cricket was waiting for a change to happen in the cricket board of India and Ganguly’s entry is a welcome move. Sourav Ganguly took over as the Captain of Indian cricket team when Indian cricket was going through one of the darkest times in the aftermath of the match fixing allegations. From 2000 until 2005, Sourav Ganguly led the team in such a way that India became a potent power in world cricket. In my words, Ganguly is the architect of Indian cricket. He has now taken over as the BCCI president at the aftermath of similar circumstances and all eyes are fixed on what changes he is going to bring about to Indian cricket. Ganguly has already made some bold and courageous moves which will be beneficial to Indian cricket in the near and far future.

Mr. Ganguly is living through the 48th year of his life which signals the 1st house profection. Venus is the AK and Venus is placed in Leo in the Navamsa. Hence, we are to profect from Leo. Since this is the 1st house profection, Leo will be activated for one year and Sun will become the ruler of the year. In the nativity, Sun is the 5L placed in the 3rd house of responsibility and courage. Ganguly is always famous for his bold decision making and brutal honesty. 3rd house placement of the ruler of the year, the Sun is very crucial here which enables the native to communicate matters in a very authoritative manner.

In the Navamsa, the Sun is exalted in the sign of Aries. I am not a great fan of using the divisional charts as stand alone charts. Despite the fact that Navamsa calculation sticks to the Mesha to Meena cycle, I like to superimpose the navamsa over the natal chart. If we do that, Sun’s navamsa position of Aries is the natal rising sign of Aries. 1st house activation is applicable even to the Rasi chart and we can see that Aries is hosting the Sun in Navamsa along with the natal ascendant.

In the natal chart, ruler of the year Sun is in opposition to Jupiter and this is not a bad position. This configuration is instills optimism and gives all senses to the native to deal with things in a very practical manner. Due to Jupiter’s connection, any move by the native is going to be honest and good for the team’s cause. Ganguly is a confident personality in general and this transit is going to add more fuel to the already existing fire of confidence.

Despite being placed with Saturn, Venus AK, has the domicile strength in Taurus. More importantly, Venus is placed with an exalted Moon. In the nocturnal charts, position of the Moon is really important and Moon’s dignity is a very crucial factor in facilitating this BCCI president role to the native. Saturn is the 10L and 11L and activation of Venus in conjunction with Saturn is also one of the major indicators of the authority of the native.

Primary Directions

Advancing the birth time based upon the current age of the native, we see that the Sun is placed in the Martian terms of Gemini (22°24'). Directed time is 04:09 AM on 08 July 1972.

This is indication of aggressive inquisitiveness towards dealings. The native will charged up to achieve multiple things during this particular period which is already explicit. Mars is placed in the 4th house of Cancer in debilitation but Moon receives Mars from an exalted state in Taurus which is basically Neecha Banga Raja Yoga.

I have not tested this (profecting from Karakamsa) in real time prediction before the event. But I am confident of using it and I will have to check this soon. I will update this article if I find something interesting. I look forward to any feedback if any of you is interested in testing this method.


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