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Chakra Dasa of Capricorn Ingress - February 2022

After being reasonably convinced with the results of using Chakra Dasa as a potential Mundane technique, I decided to take this further in terms of using Chakra Dasa to predict day to day Mundane matters rather than just doing a generic horoscope blog or vlog.

The reason why using a Dasa system is always good is because we have an underlying chart based on which the Dasa periods are calculated. Things are more specific while during a chart and time-lord system (Chakra Dasa in this case) For this, I am using the Ingress charts for which I am calculating the Chakra Dasa periods. It means, we will have four charts every year; i.e; Sun’s ingress into Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.


Taurus was rising while the Sun was ingressing into Capricorn. Rahu-Ketu are placed 1/7 axis with the Moon in conjunction with Rahu in the 1st house which sums up the current situation that India is facing. There is a lot of unrest regarding Covid, politics and also sports in the nation. As far as the Indian economy is concerned, there is not going to be much to cheer about. The upcoming finance budget is going to be something that will appease the people of the nation in the short-run but not in the long-run. Learned people will find that economic progress is surely not something to cheer about. With Mars in the 7th house with Ketu, death due to the pandemic will continue to be at the same level and life will continue to be difficult because of the pandemic for the better part of the 1st quarter.

In February 2022, India will live through the periods of Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus. Aquarius is the 10th house of the ingress chart and Jupiter is placed in the 10th house. Saturn is the ruler of this period and Saturn is placed in the 9th house of Capricorn along with the Sun and Mercury. This combination in the 9th house is an indicator of strict and an orderly nature of management in the government and at the same time there will be some religious tension across the nation during this period. A lot of different perspectives will come into forefront and will cause unrest, because Mercury is involved, this will turn out to be quite a tumultuous period in social media. Saturn in the 9th house in the Venus’ bound indicates that there could be some issue that breaks out from the entertainment industry - again because of Mercury’s involvement, there will be messages that will catch the attraction of the society. With Jupiter, the ruler of the 8th house placed in the 10th house, sums up the entire period where the deeper matters or private matters that were not known to the public before might actually end up coming out to the public during this period. This is more likely because of Venus retrograde as well.

The next period will be ruled by Jupiter itself because India will live through the Pisces period from 5th February 2022 to 13th February 2022. There is a lot of emphasis on the 8th and the 11th house in the first quarter because of Jupiter’s involvement as the 8th and the 11th ruler. Since Jupiter is placed in the 10th house, again the government will continue to be in the limelight for both good (11th house) and bad (8th house) reasons. Pisces is the 11th house and there will be some good things happening in the nation despite a lot of difficulties. There will be mixed reactions and aftermath of the finance budget. India will continue to grow or make a very significant international alliance during this period which certainly will make a few other countries pause and analyze. Diplomacy of the people at the minister or other administrative levels will be appreciated during this period.

India will live through the Aries period from 13-02-2022 to 20-02-2022 . Aries is the 12th house of ingress chart with the ruler Mars in the 7th house (Gandanta) in the bound of Saturn. Obviously, this will be the peak period of covid infection and death in India. We will continue to have more cases after this period but the decline will begin! With Mars and Ketu in the 7th house, besides, covid tension, India will also have to face problems because of the neighbours most likely, Pakistan and China due to the border dispute issues (because Mars is towards the end of Scorpio) that are already persisting. Aries is the 12th house which brings in uncertainty, loss and hospitalization in the nation. Since Mars is placed in the nodal axis, there will surely be some anti-social elements that might cause unnecessary problems. In general, this is a period of unrest and loss for the country.

From 20 February 2022 to 28 February 2022, India will live through the Taurus period with its ruler Venus retrograde in the 8th house of Sagittarius. This will be a low lying period as the entire nation will be dealing with the post-peak of Covid. Venus, the ruler of the 1st house and 6th house indicates the nation and its enemies/debts/diseases. With the 6th ruler in retrograde state, it gives a little bit of hope that the health of the people of the nation will slowly get back to normal - yet this is a slow change and complacency is surely not the call of the day.


Libra was rising during the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn with the location set to Washington. From 29 January 2022 to 5 February 2022, the US will live through the period ruled by Sagittarius. Jupiter, in the 5th house of Aquarius the ruler of this period and it indicates that the US, as a nation will try to put the pandemic behind them. Sagittarius is the 3rd house and Venus is retrograde in the 3rd house. Venus is the ruler of the rising sign. This is a period where the nation will fall back to retreat and will refrain from many initiatives. There surely is war tension that is inherent in the ingress chart because of the position 2/8 axis where the Moon is corrupted due to the conjunction with Rahu despite its exaltation. Mars and Ketu in the 2nd house is equally troublesome and it also indicates that the government is impulsive (President Biden) which is further cemented by the condition of the 4th house with the Sun, Mercury, Saturn conjunction. The economy of the US just started rebounding from the covid backlash but this quarter won’t be a period of economic growth as the nation will continue to deal with covid despite their best efforts to put the pandemic behind them. This is only normal for a country that has the 2nd highest anti-vaccine population in the world.

Capricorn period will be from 5 February to 13 February 2022. Capricorn is the 4th house and the ruler, Saturn is placed in the 4th house itself which makes it a powerful position because of domicile strength and angularity. Real estate will see a peak during this period and housing will get to a new high and as a result, a new level of difficulty in the US for common people. With the Sun in Saturn’s sign, the government’s performance will be questionable and also will not be swift during this period. However, there will be some tough decisions made during this period. Although there is no tight aspect between Saturn and Mars, the sextile is good enough to escalate the tensions with its rivals, and this will peak during the Pisces period. The health of the people will continue to reel during this period. The cases reduced last week and again surged for one or two days. Only on 23 January 2022, the US reported 934 deaths.

Saturn will again rule from 13 February 2022 to 20 February 2022 because of the activation of Aquarius. Jupiter is placed in the 5th house of Aquarius. Jupiter is squared by Mars and the Nodes from both the sides which is not the best condition and hence, there won’t be much change in the mood of the nation from both social and economic point of view.

Pisces gets activated from 20 February 2022 to 28 February 2022 making Jupiter the ruler of this period. In my opinion, the peak of Covid will be over after this period and the cases will continue to fall after this period. Jupiter is placed in the 5th house which is the 12th from the 6th house which symbolically indicates decline in the cases. Yet, there is no room for relaxation because of Jupiter's condition as it is squared by Mars and the Nodes. There will be a new escalation most probably due to the Russia-Ukraine situation where the US might be pushed to make a statement or act upon because of its seemingly strong relationship with the EU. It is quite open that the US considers Russia as an enemy and the 6th house activation invariably would bring some tension.

Earlier, I thought of using an ingress chart cast to Polotsk as it is the center most point of Europe. But I wasn’t quite convinced about the idea and hence, I am looking for a better method to use for predicting using Chakra Dasa for Europe. If anyone is looking for specific locations, I will consider it based on the number of requests.

Thanks for reading!

© Aswin Subramanyan 2022

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