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China 2023-24

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

The roles of many nations have changed since the Russia-Ukraine war and China's participation in an aggressive way to outst the US from the middle-east has meant a defining of global geopolitics altogether.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

Venus in the 2nd house in the nodal axis shows slow down or contraction of the economic condition of the nation. Jupiter, the natural indicator of cash flow, has fallen in the 4th house. Saturn receives Jupiter but Saturn is a difficult malefic for a nocturnal chart. Many countries will mostly consider China a trouble-maker. Even those who seem friendly might not completely have faith in China as a foreign partner. The 9th ruler Mercury is placed in the 3rd house with the Sun that rules the 11th house. Every nation looks out for themselves but there might be some hidden agendas with China and this might not go well with other nations. Saturn-Jupiter forms a whole sign square with Mars which rules the 2nd house and the 7th house. Mars is a Maraka (Functional malefic) for Libra rising and this puts the 4th/5th house topics at risk.

The Moon ruling the 10th house (King) is placed in the 6th house of enemies and diseases. Without speculating with Covid as an example, we can just look at how the government (King) would function because of the placement in the 6th house. The Chinese leader will attract enemies easily and because Jupiter has fallen in the 4th house receiving the Moon, makes the enmity more concrete. But, the Lot of Fortune is placed in the 10th house and the Moon exactly trines the Lot of Fortune. This is a good aspect which shows that regardless of how the king is perceived or how others view China as a nation, their government will function in a way that asserts China’s dominant position in the world least for the near future.

Chakra Dasa

The Scorpio period is active until the end of February 2024. Mars, being the time lord is placed in the 7th house of Aries. Mars is very early into the sign making it reasonably weak but then Mars has dignity. While this might continue to tell us that China will grow with evil eyes being cast upon, they will also face some arrogance and ruthless criticism from the nations that don’t share China’s perspective in global geopolitics. There will surely be a dent in the economy of China and their growth rate will obviously all but their economy is too large to crumble. So, despite troubles, China will sustain their economic supremacy at least in Asia. Mars squares the lot of fortune and shows hiccups in government plans. There won’t be agreement on everything that the government decides but is it doubtful if anyone will speak up. Yet, the communist party will have some challenges and questions to answer about their ruling from within China.

Aries Ingress

With the Sun, Rahu and Mercury in the 1st house of the Aries Ingress chart, China will continue to be radical, unconventional and swift in their economic and foreign policies. Rahu with the Sun shows unexpected foreign policy decisions. The ruler of the 9th house 0f diplomacy is placed in the 12th house of uncertainty and losses but Jupiter is also dignified. Yet, we cannot disregard the ambiguity factor that might loom over the Chinese government as far as foreign diplomacy is concerned. There might be some tensions and concerns over the Chinese interruption of foreign waters in maritime boundaries. China will continue to be a country to watch out for in border disputes. Since WW-II, there has been no country that’s been as low as China in border dispute matters and this is most likely to continue with a strong 12th house.

The 6th ruler Mercury in the 1st house shows that the nation naturally attracts enemies and is always in the watchful eyes of the countries that share opposing perspectives. Saturn, (Badhaka) in the 11th house of Badhaka house and that too strong can show troubles from friends or allies. They might be strong and stern with their decisions. However, Saturn has domicile strength, and it also shows that the Chinese economy will continue to grow despite hindrances from unexpected circles. Ketu in the 7th house and Venus not receiving Ketu, open conflict is unlikely to settle down. Venus in the 2nd house of Taurus is an indication that China will reduce the dent that they had because of covid and post-covid economics impacts. The Moon opposing Mars indicates open conflict within the nation and there will certainly be foreign diplomacy related issues. Pollution and air-related problems will rise in China and they will be able to take some difficult measures to curb environmental damage.

Peace be!

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