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Egypt looks ahead!

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

In what turns out to be an interesting development, the Egyptian parliament has endorsed the joining of the BRICS group, which helps the member states to look beyond USD for trade. This gives a huge relief for the countries from the pressure of maintaining reserves in USD because the member states of BRICS have been conducting trades in their own currencies as opposed to the usual way of making transactions in USD. Many countries that are strategic to the global economic development on the whole like Argentina, Iran, Saudi Arabia and a few other countries have sought membership in BRICS. My interest in International relations have always been inclined since my days of postgraduate studies and since I started doing astrology, I have been interested in the mundane results of these major affairs of the world. Once I started using Jupiter-Saturn conjunction charts, the enhanced view of the socio-economic and socio-political dimension has been very revealing and interesting.

Egypt – A Strategic Gateway to International Trade

Because of the Suez Canal, Egypt has long remained a major median point of trade and commerce between Europe and Asia; otherwise, all the ships from Europe and Asia would have to come all around South Africa in order to reach their destination. The Suez Canal just cuts short the travel to a large extent, and it remains a very important trade route as far as Asia and Europe are concerned. The joining of Egypt into BRICS’ NBD (New Development Bank–BRICS’ Development Bank) might end up proving a crucial benefit for those nations that are already part of the BRICS alliance.

Capricorn Ingress 2023 – Egypt

During the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn, Taurus was rising with Venus in the 9th house of Capricorn and its ruler Saturn in the 10th house of Aquarius. Saturn which indicates the government as the 10th ruler is placed in the 10th house of government. However, it’s very early into the sign and is not really powerful and hence, Saturn which has the environment to make things happen is not strong enough and is kind of depleted in resources. However, its domicile strength in addition to being in favor of the sect is positive news. Apparently, the public will hold some kind of a positive opinion about the government despite many other difficult criticisms. Egypt has been under economic turmoil for a very long time for various reasons and that problem will continue because of the 2nd ruler Mercury placed in the 8th house of Sagittarius in detriment. Mercury also is a little far off from Jupiter but still we have a whole sign reception and hence, Egypt is at least getting help from some other countries. China has been involved in almost building a new city around 50 kms away from Cairo which is a testimony to the fact that Egypt is gaining help from its friends in order to push the development of infrastructure, thereby the economy to the next level but, the struggle is far from over. Jupiter, ruling the 8th house and the 11th house is placed strongly in the 11th house of Pisces.

Venus is placed in its own term in the 9th house which attracts foreign investments and favorable diplomatic ties. Egyptian parliament’s decision of approving their joining with the BRICS bank is one of the manifestations. Yet, Venus being the 6th ruler could mean that the nation would bring upon some difficulty in the diplomatic ties by themselves.

Identification of Victor

Medieval astrologers identified a planet that could potentially be the lord of the year (LoY).

“That is, we look at the planets which rule the various dignities of the AC, along with the luminaries (especially the sect light), and see which of them is in the most powerful houses of the chart: whichever of these candidates appears to be the best, is the most athoritative and powerful planet, andis the lord of the year which gives the best overall indications of what the year is going to be like for the nation as a whole. To this, some authors add such things as planets in the AC or the planet receiving the most applications.”

( P#47, Astrology of the World-II: Revolutions & History, Dr. Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 2014)

In the ingress chart, we see that the nativity is by day (diurnal). The Sun is the sect light and it is cadent, hence it is ruled out. AC ruler Venus is also cadent and hence, ruled out. Jupiter, the benefic of the diurnal sect is placed with dignity in the 11th house which makes it a potential candidate for being a Victor. It sextiles the Sun and also the AC at least by whole signs.

Jupiter is the 8th and the 11th ruler and it aspects both the luminaries. The condition of Jupiter is very good in the chart with no hard aspect from any malefic. It is just that Jupiter is a functional malefic planet for Taurus rising and it creates hurdles especially in terms of gaining more than what it should. They are building a huge city in the desert with the help of the Chinese. While it might appear good today from Egypt’s perspective, things will change soon and they will regret because Jupiter’s 11th house benefits are taking place but the 8th house troubles will put them in trouble in due course. With Jupiter dignified in the 11th house and Venus present in the 9th house sextile Jupiter is a good placement for having associations and relationships with the neighboring countries.

Overall, Egypt is on track for a perfectly timed economic development to ease the pressure within the nation so that people have some breathing space to deal with things in their day to day life. In the JU-SA conjunction chart, we can see that the ruler of the 1st house is placed in the 2nd house which indicates financial growth and economic development that will help people because the Moon is the people of the nation. The Sun (L2), is placed in the 7th house with the 3rd and the 12th ruler which might indicate that there are too many expenditures as well.

Mars, Venus and Rahu in the 6th house is a tricky combination which puts them at risk of war or calamities. With the 4th ruler, Venus in the 6th house with Mars, it is quite a difficult combination and of course, they will have some internal conflicts and also riots by a group of people. Rebellious activities will surely be part of the next JU-SA cycle and this has been the case in Egypt even before the immediate great conjunction.

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