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End of the road for Dhoni? 

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

For cricket followers, especially Indians, current situation of former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a hot news as there is a lot of speculation about this retirement. With Saurav Ganguly taking charge as the new BCCI president, the speculations became more prominent. Ganguly is said to be a very practical and a bold decision maker and his decisions are usually not seen as something that had person bias and it is always in the best interest of Indian cricket. Hence, Ganguly's taking over as the president doesn't really talk about Dhoni's retirement. However, just as Ganguly took over, selector MSK Prasad said that the selection committee is clear in moving on. This statement has raised many eyebrows and increased further more about the retirement of MS Dhoni.

I took a keen interest in studying Dhoni's chart only after MSK Prasad's words. As usual, adding food to my craving appetite for primary directions, I calculated the time to erect a directed chart. Dhoni was born on w7 July 1981 at 5.10 AM in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. Multiplying the current age (30.25) by 4 will give us 153 minutes which we have to advance from the birth time. Adding 153 minutes to the birth time of 5.10 AM give us 7.43 AM. So, the time to calculate the directed chart is 7.43 AM. This will give us a clear picture of how the planets and the points are placed based on Primary motion.

Terms of Mars in the sign of Aries culminates which makes Mars, the ruler of the period or time lord of the period. Mars is posited in the 12th House of Taurus. 12th house indicates an end. MC is not just career or job but life force in general. With the time Lord and the term ruler Mars placed in 12H, end of career is indicative and descriptive if we look at the nativity on the whole. Mars is also placed in the final degrees of Taurus which signifies an end. For Dhoni, life force is sports and Mars is the natural significator of sports. This is also a clear indicator of Mars being a prominent planet which might potentially show the red signal to Dhoni. Terms of Jupiter in Cancer rises as per the primary motion making Jupiter the time Lord as the AC is posited in the Jupiterian terms of Cancer. Jupiter is the natal ruler of the 10H and Jupiter is posited in the detrimental 4H of Virgo in close conjunction with Saturn. With the 10L activated as time lord, it doesn't necessarily mean an end to professional life but it signals very important and a notable change in professional life. In this case, the most probable chance considering the age of the native is retirement. Jupiter’s close conjunction with Saturn also is a clear indicator of closing something and bringing about a major change in life.

Dhoni was living through the 4th house profection which activates Virgo sign making Mercury, the ruler of the year. More importantly, Jupiter and Saturn also have an important role to play because they posited in Virgo in the nativity. Mercury is placed in Gemini in the 1H which is a very string position. Mercury also has the directional strength. However, Mercury is the 4L (also the 1L) which indicates the domestic prominence in the native's life. Meaning, the native will be more connected with his family and concerned with other family related matters and public life is almost closing towards the end. The reason why this talk is suddenly finding importance is because Dhoni is living the 7H from the monthly profections point of view which is also ruled by Jupiter as the ruler of the 10L. This theme will continue to be the talk of the cricket community until January when the native will finally enter into the 10H profections which might result in an announcement of the retirement of the native. Talking of transits, entry of Jupiter into Sagittarius will further intensify the talks. If we consider Vimsottari Dasa, Rahu-Sun period is almost getting over on October 27, 2019 and is entering into the sub period of the Moon. Moon is the 2nd lord placed in the 3rd house which indicates communicating his future time with family which means retirement from the game. SR Moon is exactly squaring the natal Mars in the 12H which gives an indication that there would be some bitterness regarding the decision. Dhoni is 38 years old and it is not difficult to say that his retirement is around the corner. But the window of November to January seems very prominent. March is also a favourable period. But, I doubt if Dhoni will play after that. So, we are on the verge of bidding farewell to one of our favourite sons of cricket and our nation!

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