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Greek Wildfires, General loss of life and the Wrath of Rohini Nakshatra

Wildfires have been a theme of this period especially during this season of retrogrades but is it really because of retrograde planets? If we observe the Saturn-Mars conjunction cycle a little closely, we would notice that such fire related incidents occur during the progress of the Saturn-Mars cycle. Not only the conjunction, but also the opposition and square of Saturn by Mars pose a significant danger. Looking back in time, it is evident that numerous fire-related events have taken place in close proximity to the square and its opposing points, with minor variations in days and degrees. While this note mainly serves as a tip, its purpose is also to draw attention to the Rohini Nakshatra and its ties to the annihilation of humanity.

In the Udoyoga Parva of Mahabharata, Karna engaged in a conversation with Krishna where he expressed his concerns regarding Saturn’s impact on Rohini Nakshatra. Additionally, Karna pointed out that Mars was in Jyestha and on the verge of moving into Anuradha, the Nakshatra of Mitra (friends), which could potentially lead to a conflict between friends.

The Saturn-Mars opposition may have ended, but we can’t ignore the fact that Saturn is currently in retrograde motion and is making a square with Rohini Nakshatra. I had made a post on Twitter last week, where I had pointed out the tricky situation we are living through as a result of Saturn’s hard aspect on Rohini.

The wildfires in Greece have resulted in the loss of 18 lives, a devastating occurrence that we learned of today. Upon studying the Aries ingress chart cast to Athens, I observed that Venus, who is the ruler of the 6th house, is actually dignified in Taurus in Kritika Nakshatra (which happens to be only 1° away from the Rohini Nakshatra). Furthermore, I noticed that transiting Saturn has recently reached its Aries ingress position - precisely at 11°.

We can see a tight square between AI Venus and both transit and AI Saturn. By using the regular profections, we can notice the 6th house projection. Furthermore, if we direct the AC through the bounds at a rate of 59’ per day, we will be able to notice that the AC would have been close to 10° Taurus on August 23, 2023, which is conjunct the 6th ruler Venus of the Aries Ingress chart. It is also interesting to note that Venus in the Aries Ingress is just entering the Rohini Nakshatra.

As we approach the month of September, we must prepare ourselves for the transiting Mars in Virgo squaring the Aries ingress Mars, and we should all pray that everything goes smoothly and without incident.

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