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Horary Case: The drama surrounding a book order

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

I know that astrology is extremely revealing and flawless in terms of helping me and you understand the nature and timing of manifestation of various events in our lives. In this article, I will share a personal experience which has been building up over the course of the past 45 days. On April 30, 2019 (22:05 HRS - IST, Chennai, India), I ordered two astrology books which had to arrive from the USA. The estimated time for international shipments was 21 days but the books did not arrive even after one month from the date of order which is April 30, 2019. I wrote an email to the support team of the sellers stating that I had not received my order. I got a response requesting me to wait for one more week for the arrival of my books. As requested, I waited for more than a week and wrote an email to the support team stating that I have not received my books. At this point, the support team apologised and offered to initiate a refund. I accepted their proposal. I also got my refund credited to my account. However, today (22 June 2019), I received the book at 12:28 PM (Chennai). I was completely relieved and you will know why. I immediately wrote an email to the support team saying that I have received my books and I have asked for details to repay the money that I got as a refund.

Now, why am I relieved? When I got an email saying that they don’t expect the order to be delivered and they would initiate a refund, I was prompted to look at the horary chart of the time of ordering the book. I had not noted down the time but I had received an email (seller) and a message (bank) also the time of making the payment. I checked the horary chart and I noted that despite there were indications for delay in delivery, I really did not see the books not arriving at all. Later, last night, again I checked to see if there are any indication of the order not getting delivered to write a possible article to share my experience. But again, I failed to note any indication as to why it wouldn’t arrive. I gave up my idea of writing an article. Later, the book arrived the next immediate day after I gave up my idea of writing an article. This is after a week from getting the refund.

Sagittarius rising with Saturn and Ketu in the first house and rising lord Jupiter (Rx) in the 12th house are a major reason for delay and uncertainty with regard to the delivery of books. 7th house of Gemini has Rahu which is another malefic influence to the ascendant - descendant axis. If 1st house signifies myself, the 7th house signifies the seller. In the night chart, Jupiter (rising lord) in the 12H makes it an even tougher placement for things to manifest. However, the reason why I was sad as the books were not delivered because I really found that reception factors were pretty good in chart that were actually strong enough to override the actual placement of the planets.

In a horary case involving two parties, the relationship between the 1st and 7th lords are very crucial. If they are in some form of a good connection, things will be favourable to a greater extent. In this case, Mercury (7L) at 26° of Pisces is forming a nice trine with Jupiter (1L) at 29° of Scorpio. Lord of the 1st house Jupiter welcomes the 7L (Mercury) in his own territory of Pisces. It is almost like I welcome the book inside my home. However, the action of refund and repayment is signified by Jupiter’s retrograde motion in Scorpio and Mercury’s debility in Pisces. Yet, Mercury is strengthened by reception from both Venus and Jupiter.

Moon is a very important indicator in any horary case and Moon is placed in the 3rd house of postages/packages. 3L Saturn is placed in the rising sign (26° Sagittarius) and it is forming a perfect sextile with Moon. This is a clear indication of the fact that I (the native) will have the books because of the free flowing reception of Moon (26° Aquarius) by Saturn in Aquarius. On the other hand, Moon is applying to a perfect square with the rising lord Jupiter. Mercury is the primary significator books. Aversion between Mercury and Moon is probably one of the other major reasons for delay and uncertainty.

Mercury is applying to a tight square to Saturn and this is certainly a problematic aspect because Saturn is not receiving Mercury. This also indicates some form of trouble in order. Mercury signifying both postage and books under a tight Saturn hard aspect is actually troublesome and Saturn directly indicates delay.

9L Sun is exalted in the 5H and 9H is important because it is 3rd from 7H and it indicates the house of postages/packages from the seller’s point of view. At the stroke of looking at the chart, I sensed that there is no trouble from the seller’s side what so ever because of Sun’s powerful position in Aries. However, the 1H and 3H along with hardships indicated Mercury, delay seems to be an inevitable aspect.

Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Mars are placed in Saturns’ bounds. Despite this, I was worried because I was convinced with the relationship between Jupiter (1L) and the 7 (L) and also the position of Venus. Venus is the ruler of the 11H which indicates desires. With Venus in an extremely strong position with a nice trine with Jupiter, my desire of having the books needed to be fulfilled and it finally got fulfilled! Venus is also well placed in the 12th parts (Libra).

Books have arrived once Mercury has just made its way into Cancer and Cancer is my natal 3rd house. Astrology - how flawless!


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