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How, why and what?

With the blessings from my late father and the knowledge that I acquired from the books written by genius astrologers in the World, I was driven to start this blog so that I can share my thoughts, opinions and views on various aspects of astrology. I was first introduced to this vast occult science in the mid 2011 and the sense of fascination and interest has only grown and I had enough self motivation to continue my learning.

Let alone the various concepts that I learned over the course of time. Ever since I was into astrology, every conversation with a layman about the subject has forced me to think that astrology has not reached a common man in its true form, i.e. A combination of Mathematics and Science. It is important that we realise that Astrology and Astronomy are inseparable parts of astronomic Science and they are interlinked to each other. Astrology is another field like medical or engineering. There is absolutely nothing super natural about an astrologer. Astrology is a subject that an astrologer has studied.

In the posts to follow, I am not going to write about the astrological concepts in a sequential manner. However, I would like to present various matters on different areas of astrology that I have researched and found the predictions to be precise. Astrological predictions can be precise as and when the learner gains experience. It certainly is not an overnight show. I will try to make it as interesting as possible to the readers. I can also assure that people who are starting to learn Astrology can get a reasonable insight into the subject.

I am grateful to my mother, sisters and wife for their continuous encouragement in letting me to do what I like to do. It is worth enough to mention the name of Mr.G.Gurumurthy Iyer (my mentor/astrologer) who opened the doors for me to get into this wonderful art!

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