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India 2023-24

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Mr. Modi's India is not the India of the 80s, 90s and the 1st decade of the 21st century. India has made rapid strides in development and is the 5th lasrgest economy in terms of GDP. Lately, Minister of External Affairs, Dr. Jaishankar has led Indian foreign policy and diplomatic relations with other countries in a way that is completely based on the idea of enlightened self-interest. India is a major power in terms of economy and geopolitics making it well on road to become a super-power towards the 2030s-40s.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the 6th house seems to be a good placement because Saturn which is a functional malefic for Leo rising hides in the 6th house. Natural malefic in the 6th house is actually good. The ruler of the 5th and the 8th house Jupiter is debilitated in the 6th house and is placed with Saturn which means, there will be economic issues because of unexpected or uncontrollable issues and Ukraine war is one such external factor.

The 6th house is the 10th from the 9th house which is the house of foreign diplomacy and with Saturn-Jupiter in the 6th house, India’s foreign diplomacy and policies have been the talk of the world. The Indian foreign ministry considered enlightened self-interest in the framing of foreign policy and decision making which only led to many raised eye-brows across the world but nothing really changed for external causes and that’s been the hallmark of Indian stance in the international stage since the Ukraine war began.

The Moon, the 12th ruler is placed in the 8th house of Pisces. While the Moon in the 8th house is difficult for the well-being of the people, the 12th ruler in the 8th house is a Vipareeta raja yoga. India is less likely to suffer from any major losses and is unlikely to deal with any weapons on a large scale at any point because the 12th ruler of weapons is weakened in the 8th house. Mars, which is the significator of weapons, is placed very early in the 9th house of Aries. Mars is not very strong and hence, we can consider it as another major factor of reduced usage of weapons. There is no hard aspect between Saturn and Mars which is a good thing.

Chakra Dasa of the great conjunction

The major period Virgo and Mercury is the major ruler. Mercury, which rules the 2nd and the 11th house, is placed in the 5th house along with the ruler of the rising sign, the Sun. This indicates economic growth and prosperity. Noted Economist, Raghuram Rajan made a comment recently saying that India is close to Hindu-rate of growth (around 3.5%) but India recorded over 13% growth so far this year and only the average would take the growth well beyond the 6% mark. There is no indication of reduced growth rate for India this year because of the Virgo period and Mercury’s succedent position. The dispositor of Mercury is placed in the 6th house Capricorn in debility which might contract the economy at different points until the end of 2024 but overall, there will be growth. Mercury is placed in Jupiter’s bounds of Sagittarius with the Sun which shows growth with difficulties.

Aries Ingress 2023

In the nocturnal chart where Aquarius is rising, Saturn is placed in the 1st house with domicile strength. Although it can bring in some troubles because of being a difficult malefic for a nocturnal chart, Saturn also is the ruler of the AC and it has the role that’s dignified. However, Saturn also rules the 12th house which surely adds a heavy dosage of ambiguity during this year for India. Mars is in the 5th house of Gemini and Mercury is the 3rd house of Aries in the nodal axis. This makes up problems in communication and building of narratives. There will be false information that’s floating around from external sources during this year. But there is a mutual reception and hence, the false narratives will be busted and it won’t affect India as a nation. With the strong 4th house with Venus and the lot of fortune, the people of India will be united and their well-being is very secure without many issues.

With Saturn in the AC and Venus in the 1st house is the type-3 spear-bearing laid out by Hephaistos of Thebes in Apotelesmatics when planets of opposite sect become spear-bearers.

Spear-bearers become out of sect whenever diurnal planets act as spear-bearers for nocturnal planets, and nocturnal for diurnal. If the spear bearing should be made by benefics, it has an effect not insignificant.

P34,Ch 17, Concerning Spear bearing, Apotelesmatics, Hephaistos of Thebes, Translated by Robert Schmidt, Edited by Robert Hand, Project Hindsight.

This spear bearing indicates the fact that the nation will be safe from external forces, interruptions and disturbances. Only the trine is powerful followed by square and opposition while sextile being the weakest of spear-bearing. However, a square is a pivot which brings in challenges but ultimately, the purpose will be solved. We also need to look at this from an Indian perspective. Venus is the ruler of the 4th and the 9th house ruling an angle and a trine and therefore, it is the Yoga-Karaka. Venus is the most benefic planet in this chart from the sect and also from rulership perspectives. Venus in configuration to the AC and the ruler of the AC is a very positive factor that will enhance India’s internal status as a nation and also projects India as a strong nation at international platforms with the ruler of the AC, Saturn in the 1st house. The ruler of the 10th house, Mars is placed in the 5th house of Gemini showing this is only a period of slight growth for India because the king is succedent. The ruler of the 10th house in a pivot position would have showed a powerful king but there will be matters that might prove hindering for the Prime Minister however, his communication and vigor will put the government in a better position to handle unforeseen challenges.

With Ketu in the 9th house of Libra, India’s position in foreign policy and diplomacy won’t see many changes but will continue to be more self-centered and strong which will continue to be questioned by the western powers. The Moon is well placed in the 11th house of Sagittarius but the Moon is the 6th ruler and hence, there will be trouble in the healthcare industry and also the financial markets which will tumble by many yards over this year. However, the rebound will also happen strongly. Jupiter in the late 2nd house of Pisces shows a vulnerable economic situation but the result won’t be undesirable. Overall, India’s position as a nation will continue to grow and the face of the nation will keep glowing!

Peace be!

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