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Predicting with Firdãriã - II

Updated: Feb 15, 2021


There are not many painful events in life than losing a spouse. Moving on with my recent development of Firdaria sub time lords, I have worked with various events of life and I am currently testing this modified version of Firdaria with widowhood examples. If you have not read my previous articles on Firdaria, please do so by clicking the links below:

There are various placements in the chart that might indicate widowhood. Some of the factors are:

  • Activation of the 7th house/lord in a troubled position

  • Activation of the 8th house/lord

  • Activation of the 12th house/lord

  • Above mentioned lords in configuration with the malefics when the malefics are activated

  • Activation of an afflicted 2nd house/lord or the 4th house/lord

  • Activation of Venus in case of Men's chart and Mars in case of Women's chart

Now, let us analyse some charts to see how the tragic event has manifested in the lives in the nativities of Patton Oswalt and Paul McCartney.

Patton Oswalt

Michelle McNamara (Patton Oswalt’s wife) died in her sleep on April 21, 2016, in her family's Los Angeles, California, home. According to the autopsy report released online by Radar, her death was attributed to the effects of multiple drugs, including Adderall, alprazolam (Xanax) and fentanyl. Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease was a contributing factor. The coroner ruled it an accidental overdose. She is interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles. (Source: Wikipedia)

Oswalt was living through the major period ruled by Saturn and the sub period ruled by Venus. Venus is the ruler of the 4th house and the 11th house and is placed in the 2nd house. Venus sextile to Mercury and the Sun placed in the 12th house of loss is also a side indicator of the event. All these are potential factors that have resulted in such an event.

Major ruler Saturn which rules the Ascendant and the 12th house is posited in the 2nd house of Pisces which is the house of family. Activation of 12th lord in the 2nd house indicates loss in family. Looking at the configuration we can notice that Mercury and Sun are forming a sextile with the major ruler Saturn (26°30’ Pisces). To make things worse, Saturn and dispositor Jupiter are placed in the nodal axis and the reception from opposition turned out to be not so strong enough to be a mitigating factor.

Venus is posited in the 2nd house of Pisces in exaltation but Venus is in conjunction with the North Node and Saturn which is an important establishment of the relationship between the major ruling planet (Saturn) and the sub period ruling planet (Venus) which is an indicator of the trigger of the event. Venus is the natural significator of spouse in the chart. Venus, despite being in its sign of exaltation is maltreated by the malefic influence.

Paul McCartney

Linda Eastman McCartney (Paul McCartney’s wife) was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995, and her condition soon grew worse when the cancer has metastasized to her liver. She died at the age of 56 on April 17, 1998, at the McCartney family ranch in Tucson, Arizona. Her family was with her when she died. (Source - Wikipedia)

Paul McCartney was living through the major period ruled by Jupiter and sub period ruled by the Sun. Jupiter is the ruler of the 7th house and Jupiter placed in the 10th house of Gemini in a combust state with the Sun. This establishes the relationship between the major time lord (Jupiter) and the sub time lord (Sun) which is very important for the manifestation of an event.

Sun rules the 12th house of the nativity which indicates loss. In the 7th lord’s (Jupiter) period, the native is living through the 12th lord, the Sun’s period which indicates loss of spouse. To make things more prominent, Leo (12th house) becomes the Ascendant of the solar revolutions chart.

Natal Sun squares Mars (SR) from one side and squares Saturn (SR) from the other side and hence, a very difficult period is indicated. Sun condition as the lord of the ascendant (SR) is very crucial and the hard aspect with malefics did not really help the cause. Natal Jupiter is also under the same condition with hard aspects from both malefics of the SR chart.

I am hosting a free online webinar on using Firdarriyah (modified sub time lords) where I will go through a few examples like to check how the modified version works. You can register yourself to attend it by clicking the link below:

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