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Russia 2022-23

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

With the series of misfortunes that are taking place in Ukraine, it is important to analyze how Russia will fare in the year 2022-23. Given the fact that Russia was the aggressor, I wanted to check if this or any other situation in the future will pose more threat. I have dealt with the economic situation that the charts show and also the future of this stand-off with Ukraine. In the short conclusion of the article, I have written about the prospect of war in years to come.

Recap of my earlier article: In the JU-SA conjunction set to Moscow, Cancer was rising and the current Chakra Dasa period is Cancer-Pisces where the war began. After 24 March 2022, it will be Cancer-Aries period which indicates more havoc due to escalated aggression. By the mid-May, Cancer-Taurus period will begin and Venus will be the sub-ruler of the period for the next 50 days from 15 May 2022. This period will probably bring a bit of sanity.

Venus, the ruler of the 4th and the 11th ruler is placed in the 5th house of Scorpio with Ketu. Although this might bring in more confusions in peace talks, the trine with the Moon (1L) in the 9th house indicates more of peaceful resolutions and sanity. Having said that, this problem will not fade away anytime soon. Ukraine will never be the Ukraine it was which is very unfortunate.

Ingresses are tied to the equinoxes and solstices, but medieval astrologers used the sidereal zodiac for mundane works. Moreover, in the Indian calendar, the Sun’s ingress into Aries marks the beginning of a Samvatsara (Year). Although I am still going back and forth in using the ingress charts with the sidereal zodiac, I didn’t want to shy away from writing what I thought because I felt it worked for me previously. Additionally, as back up, I have also used the chart of the first New Moon of the new year in April 2022.

Aries Ingress 2022 - Moscow

In the Aries ingress set to Moscow, we have Aries rising with the Sun, Mercury and Rahu. Straightaway we can see something unconventional is happening. Saturn in the 10th house of Capricorn attests to the fact that authoritarianism is on the rise in Russia. Saturn is in the martian bound and it is certainly descriptive of the aggression that might show up anytime.

With Jupiter in the 12th house of Pisces (just entering) might bring a temporary halt to all the violence and aggression. However, I go with the JU-SA conjunction chart and don’t expect anything to settle down before the mid of May 2022. The ingress chart is a theme for this revolution of the Sun around the zodiac from the new year in April but the major scheme of things building up are better seen in the great conjunction chart.

3rd and 6th ruler Mercury in the first house shows the animosity that Russia might develop with many countries which will grow its vulnerability on the global stage. We can’t fail to notice that Mercury is placed in the 6th house of enemies in the JU-SA chart. We have to say that the theme of growing enemies is quite evident in both revolution and JU-SA charts.

The 2nd house, 5th house, 8th house and the 11th house are very important to look at when we have to analyze the economic condition of the nation. The 8th house indicates oil and petroleum. With the 8th ruler Mars in the 11th house in sextile to Mercury that is the natural significator of commerce and trade, we can be sure that Russia will continue growing its income and gain through trading oil. Mars in conjunction with the 2nd ruler Venus (income) in the 11th house (gains) shows that Venus is oil is certainly part of the income generation.

The 2nd ruler, Venus is placed in the 11th house of gains along with Mars which is the 1st ruler. The conjunction of the 1st and the 11th ruler is not a combination of economic crisis. The 4th ruler, the Moon is placed in the 5th house with the dispositor Sun exalted in the 1st house. With a reasonably strong 11th house (Saturn in Capricorn), it doesn’t look like the economic sanctions are going to impact the Russian economy as much as we might think. Russia is certainly going to rebound as far as their economic condition is concerned at least as far as 2022 is concerned. In a larger cycle of the JU-SA, we certainly see some considerable roadblocks and economic derailment. Mercury’s position in both the charts surely indicate some trouble in trade and commerce.

MC in the 9th house shows the direction of the nation which also reflects how things might turn out in the future. If we talk about authoritarianism, we have to expect that things might get more serious in the future; especially with the ruler of the 9th house, Jupiter in the 12th house. The 12th house besides indicating an end, also indicates something that might actually follow us for a long time from a karmic standpoint. The world is moving towards a very stressful phase until 2040 because of the power struggles and the race to the top of the world.

The First New Moon of the year in Moscow (Chaitra Amāvásyā)

In the New Moon chart, we see that the 6th house is very prominent. There will be growing enemies but Mercury in the 7th house confirms that Russia will find a way to continue their trade. However, we can notice that Saturn-Mars conjunction squares Mercury in the 7th house. The west might continue to impose trade restrictions and economic sanctions on Russia and will continue to make it difficult.

The 2nd ruler, Jupiter is placed in the 5th house of Pisces (dignified) which indicates that they will find creative ways of generating income. Venus, which rules the 7th house and the 12th house (other countries and losses), is also placed in Pisces in conjunction with Jupiter. In a chart that has a defect of Kalasarpa, the Jupiter-Venus conjunction shows a silver lining.

Mars and Saturn in the 4th house shows riots, conflicts, troubles inside the country which might cause a lot of trouble to the government because the Sun is in the 6th house which also rules the 10th house of the government. The Sun is the natural significator of the government and its leader. Yet again, we see an authoritarianism theme because the Sun, the 10th ruler is exalted in the 6th house which is overruling the people because the Moon is also in the 6th house along with Rahu. Rahu’s presence shows that things might progress very quickly.

In this chart, we can also notice that Mercury, ruling the 11th house of friends, is placed in the 7th house of Taurus which shows that Russia will continue to find friends for trade and commerce because, although Saturn-Mars square might bring conflicts to a greater extent, Venus-Jupiter sextile can be a mitigating factor. The position of Venus surely matters as it is the dispositor of Mercury and survival won’t be a problem. Obviously, rapid economic growth is out of the question.

Solar Revolution of JU-SA conjunction

In order to further validate the earlier analysis of the sidereal Aries ingress and the New Moon after Sun’s ingress into Aries, I cast a solar revolutions of the JU-SA conjunction. While Virgo was rising when the Sun reached its exact position during the great conjunction in December 2020, Mercury placed in the 4th house detriment, in Sagittarius along with the Sun. It clearly shows that Russia has ventured into a zone where they are finding themselves vulnerable after attacking Ukraine as they have antagonized many countries in the world with their extreme step.

Mercury, the natural significator of trade and commerce in detriment, is a classic case of isolation and sanctions. Mercury is in its own bounds but past the sextile with Jupiter in Aquarius. We should notice that Mercury is in aversion to Saturn, Mars and the nodal axis. Mercury is also in aversion to Venus which is not so good. Mercury in conjunction with the 12th ruler, the Sun is another indication of further isolation and sanctions.

Importantly, the Moon, which is the only planet outside the Kalasarpa, is in the 11th house of Cancer. The Moon is dignified and the 11th house means, lucky with friends and also there will be gains to the Russian economy. Although Venus is placed with Saturn, Venus in the 5th house can help them find a way to allocate their reserves in a more creative manner and Saturn is very indicative of the limitations they might have in doing so. Venus trine Rahu in the 9th house which also indicates that Russia might resort to unconventional ways of reviving their economy.

War Tensions

As I mentioned earlier, I don't see any de-escalation of the present war scenario before the Aries period is over which is until May 14, 2022. In the Chakra Dasa of the great conjunction cycle, Cancer period ends by August 2022 but the war tensions will continue to pose various challenges during the Leo period which lasts from August 2022 to April 2024. The Virgo period will bring a lot of economic challenges for Russia, they will face heavy losses on various fronts and will develop new oppositions across the world. The Libra period will be less tumultuous. The Scorpio period will bring back the problems from the past and will rekindle war issues. Major war tensions will begin from May 2029 and this is unlikely to settle until September 2037. The Chakra Dasa periods during this time would be Sagittrius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aries.

Many wars have been fought in history but when it comes to us, it is entirely different. Being at that place is transformative. It is not easy to kiss death and come back. War is kissing death. He who has done it successfully would know the perils he escaped and the hardships he endured.

Addendum: March 12, 2022

Judging the condition of the King

Wherefore now to know the true state and condition of the king, people or any other, have regard to their true significators; as unto the sign of the tenth its lord and the planet or planets therein posited; and some of the ancients have said the Sun, Part of Fortune, and its dispositor are also to be joined in consideration with them and see how they are dignified, how aspected, and by what planets, their nature, place in the heavens, and nature of the sign from where they aspect your significator.
If he is in sextile or trine of the fortunes, and out of good houses, you may expect and judge from thence good; but if beheld by the square or opposition of the infortunes, mischief is to be feared; if the aspects are good and from many benevolent planets, judge much success; if otherwise, less; and so contrariwise much evil if your significator is <in> several ways afflicted, etc.

In Astrologia Munda by Steven Birchfield, there is a section about judging the condition of the king which in this case with respect to the revolution chart (Aries Ingress) is Vladimir Putin. As Aries was rising with the Sun (King) in Aries itself, indicates that Putin is on top of all the matters and given that Rahu is also placed there, indicates that he can act even more rashly after the ingress in April. The 10th house also indicates the condition of the king and also the overall condition of the government. The ruler of the 10th house, Capricorn is Saturn and Saturn is placed in Capricorn itself. However, Saturn is exactly squared by the Nodes and this means, the world needs to really fear Putin's actions during this year.

If we symbolically direct the AC of the Aries ingress chart by primary directions, at the rate of 59°08' per day, we will arrive somewhere around July 10, 2022 with the directed AC at Cancer 28°. This is when the circumambulating AC will exactly square the Nodes and oppose Saturn in the 10th house. Around October 10, 2022, the circumambulating AC will conjunct Ketu and square Saturn from Libra 28°. Around January 10, 2023, the circumambulating AC will conjunct Saturn and again square the Nodes from Capricorn 28°. Not to forget the nature of the ingress chart itself - Nodes squaring Saturn and the AC in the nodal axis. We can certainly expect major escalations during every quarter and this doesn't seem to end well. To me, the symmolic directions of AC in Libra is very critical not that doesn't make the other points less vulnerable.

So, let peace be!

I am also working on yearly analysis of India, US and a few other countries. I might post a series of articles over the next two weeks or so.

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