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US 2022-23

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

According to the Chakra Dasa for Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart, April 2022 begins with the Capricorn-Libra period and ends with the Aquarius-Gemini period in March 2023. Capricorn is the 12th house and Aquarius is the first house. The entire year is going to be ruled by Saturn and Saturn is placed in the 12th house of wars, loss, uncertainty, hospitalization, secret enemies, spying by enemies, etc. In the book “Time tested techniques of Mundane Astrology” edited by K.N.Rao, they attributed the 12th house with deception, forgery, misfortunes, scandals, epidemics etc.

With Saturn placed in the 12th house, we can understand that the US is vulnerable to all the above mentioned 12th house significations. Given that Jupiter is in a fallen condition being the ruler of the 2nd house, it indicates that there will certainly be economic losses, extravagant spendings on war related matters or other matters that are not priority. Spy work is certainly on because the Moon is placed with Mars which sextiles Saturn and Jupiter indicating sneaky work in the background. Since I have already written in my earlier article about the general theme of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and the identity crisis of the US beginning this year, I am moving on to the Aries ingress chart.

Aries Ingress - 2022

Scorpio was rising in Washington DC while the Sun made its ingress into Aries which makes this as a sole chart for the entire year because Scorpio is a fixed sign. If the rising sign was mutable, we need to use Aries ingress and Libra ingress; if the rising sign of Aries ingress was movable, we need to use all the four ingress - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn with Aries ingress being the major or the root for the year.

The ruler of the AC, Mars is placed in the 4th house of the well-being of the nation in conjunction with Venus. With Jupiter in the early Pisces ruling the 2nd and the 5th houses, the US would not see a major derailment in their economy this year but it will be an important factor in the 20 year great conjunction cycle. In the night chart, Mars in favour of sect is placed along with sect mate Venus which elevates the condition of Mars because of its presence with a benefic planet. However, Venus is the 7th and the 12th ruler and hence, Venus is a maraka. The 4th house is the well-being and the comforts of the people. With Mars in the 4th house, general living conditions of the people will fall and there will be a lot of discomfort or disharmony in the domestic environment of the nation.

Also, if he is in the fourth, he sends his vigorous heat and malice to all the other planets, so that if he is in a fiery sign, he dries up and scorches the earth, and causes great mischief by fire, also mortalities. If the sign is human, he causes many slaughters and effusion of blood, quarrels and war, and that chiefly in or towards the latter end of the year, and in those places generally subject to the sign wherein he is.

Page 71, Book IV, Section-II, Chapter VIII, Astrologia Munda, William Ramesey, Edited and Annotated by Steven Birchfield.

The planet placed in the 2nd house from the maraka will also potentially bring some trouble and hence, Jupiter despite its rulership of the 5th house, can bring some problems related to the working capital of the country. Although there won’t be a major derailment, the gap in the balance of payments will keep widening and the debt-GDP ratio will continue to see a downward trend for the US.

The 7th house is the house of open enemies or opposing parties in a mundane chart but the 6th house is naturally the house of enemies and hence, we need to look at the 6th house to know more about the enemies. The 7th house can be situation enemies while the 6th house indicates permanent enemies. With Rahu and Mercury along with the exalted Sun in Aries in the 6th house, there is certainly going to be problems from the enemies and this really doesn’t need any further explanation.

With Venus being the ruler of the 7th house and being in conjunction with Mars, we see a conjunction of the US and its enemies. I think there will be a direct confrontation between the US and its enemies at some point during this year. The opposition of the Moon doesn’t really help the cause. It only creates more conflict and confusion with no conclusion.

Condition of the King

We need to look at the condition of the Sun and the 10th house along with its ruler to understand the condition of the King. The 10th house is Leo with the Moon in Leo trining its ruler, the Sun in Aries along with Mercury and Rahu. Mercury and Rahu indicate deception and the Sun is the King. If this placement was in an angle or a trine, the actions of the king would be very damaging to the rest of the country and since this is in a hidden place, we could expect less direct damage inflicted upon its countrymen but having said, it might agitate and make the enemies more powerful. The King could be very impulsive and eclipsed from an intellectual point of view without being able to make decisions that are stable. The Moon in the Martian bound of Leo in the 10th house affirms this. The presence of the Sun in the 6th house also indicates that the King will not be in a position to rule over the nation directly because of growing illness. Since this is in a movable sign, this feature might continue which will be further intensified by the presence of Rahu.

Revolutions of the Great Conjunction


As the 5th house of the great conjunction chart rises in the revolutions, we can think of the 5th house matters gaining prominence and MC is placed in Aquarius which is the rising of the great conjunction chart. This indicates that the responsibility and the duties of the government will be a major theme of the year. The entire nation or probably the world is watching things closely because Jupiter ruling the 2nd and 5th houses of the great conjunction is placed in the 1st house of the great conjunction by revolutions. Since Saturn is placed in the 12th house and if we look at it from the great conjunction chart, this further confirms the theme of uncertainties and expenditures from the Aries ingress chart. Mars by revolutions chart joining the node in the 10th house is another worrying factor which again indicates rash decisions in an already seemingly intense year.

First New Moon of the year - Partial Solar Eclipse

With Virgo rising, the Nodes in the 2/8 axis further confirm the tensions that will prevail in the nation. The 7th house is quite strong with Jupiter and Venus in Pisces along the 1/10 ruler Mercury in the 9th house being received by Venus in Pisces by sextile, the US will be lucky in keeping their economic and strategic partners in place. On the other hand, this also indicates that the other countries are also quite strongly poised with the deals that might very well be in ready which might not be known to the government. The 9th house is also the house of secret dealings of the enemies because it is the 12th from the 10th house. The pestering of enemies wouldn’t stop this year because of the prominence of the 6th, 7th and the 8th houses. The New Moon in the 8th house of the nodal axis is surely not auspicious and this indicates that the government would remain eclipsed to many things that are happening in the 8th house of Aries which is the 3rd house of the great conjunction chart. The first new Moon after the Aries ingress happens to be a partial solar eclipse. War tension might not be very new to the US because they have always been at war as long as we can remember since 1776. However, the natural calamities and the accidents that might take place could be a cause of concern. The Sun is the King and it is in the 8th house of the first lunar chart which is basically the eclipse chart, the king needs to be protected from the perils. Because of some mishaps, the government will be diverted from its priorities.

Let Peace Be!

I will post my analysis of India's Aries Ingress and other annual techniques by next week.

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